The New Oriental Sounds

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Track List
01. Melangerie by Marwan Abado from Circles – Palestine
02. Nahawand by Sharkiat Fathy Salama, from Sultany – Egypt
03.‘Abir by Andre Msane, from Nassim Al-Shark – Lebanon
04. Hal Asmar Ellon by Lena Chamamyan from Hal Asmar Ellon – Syria
05. Nights at Naï by Sign of Thyme, from Like All People – Jordan
06. Zayy El Moga by Masar from El Aysh Wel Melh – Egypt
07. Arabia by Ziad Al Ahmadieh & Fun Jan Shaï from Beyond Traditions – Lebanon
08. Hawdag by El Dor El Awal from Qarar Izala – Egypt
09. ‘Oubour by Mohsen Subhi from Mawasem – Palestine
10. Organza by Bassem Rizk from Echoes From The Past – Lebanon
11. Khala Shakou by Macadi Nahas from Kan Ya Ma Kan – Jordan
12. Ink by Hewar, from Hewar – Syria
13. Sama’I Sultan Yakah by Riad Abdel-Gawad from El Tarab El Asseel – Egypt

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