Al Jawala - Live At Jazzhaus Freiburg

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Live At Jazzhaus Freiburg
First album recorded with the current Äl Jawala formula! Fresh and funky!

Challenging, fiery, fascinating, cosmopolitan, technically exiting but still accessible without digression

The ´Folker!´ writes: ´a real live band that is focused to get to the point. In edgeways the Balkan steps back in favour of an oriental-, blues-,jazz- or soul-feeling, and the urban beat-quality succeeds even without computer. A delightful album!

[01]. Diva nova
[02]. Rabou abou kabou
[03]. Ciganski oro
[04]. Bate vintul frunzele
[05]. Bali
[06]. Borina oro
[07]. Blonder zeybek
[08]. Go east
[09]. Peno
[10]. Step into jungle
[11]. Electric cocek
[12]. A heymischer Bulgar
[13]. Shopa nebritaya



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