Fatima Serro e Paulo Gomes - Quinto Elemento

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Fatima Serro e Paulo Gomes - Quinto Elemento
About Fátima Serro
My first instrument was the piano, which I begun studying at the age of 6. I begun singing in 1989, in a friends' band, who played covers of standard pop tunes. We were all beggining our jazz studies in Escola de Jazz do Porto. Some of the members of this band are now great names of portuguese jazz and classical - Paulo Gomes (piano), José Luís Rego (-guitar! - and sax) and Antº Augusto Aguiar (bass). Slowly our repertory turned to jazz tunes and I begun regarding singing as a possible option.

I completed my studies at the Oporto Conservatory and then I took classical singing lessons for several years, first with Sílvia Mateus and then with her father, Mário Mateus. I had the chance to study with jazz singers Norma Winstone and Dominique Eade.

My other teachers were videos and cd's of my favorite singers and instrumentalists and, of course, all the good musicians I have had the chance to work with: Paulo Gomes, Pedro Barreiros, Bruno Pedroso, José Luís Rego, Bernardo Moreira, Rolf Delfos, Carlos Bica, Paulo Pinto, Mário Santos, Pere Loewe, Henry Lowther, Maria João, Paula Oliveira, Julian Arguelles, Jorge Reis , just to mention a few.

But the most important names are those who, along all these years I've been singing, have joined my projects in a regular basis: Besides Paulo Gomes and Pedro Barreiros, I'd like to mention Zé Lima, Mário Teixeira, Kiko, Susana Baldaque, Paulo Coelho, Hugo Carvalhais and my dear late friend Eduardo Santos- these, have taught me more than musical stuff - they are my friends.

About Paulo Gomes
In the 80..s, I studied piano and harmony at the Oporto Jazz School. At the same time, I did the composition course at the Oporto Music Conservatory. I studied with musicians like: Roland Hanna, Hal Galper, Mulgrew Miller, Tete Montoliu and James Williams.

Of so many colaborations in concerts and recordings, I remember in a special way: Sávio Araújo Quartet, Conferência dos Sons (with Fátima Serro, Rolf Delfos, Bernardo Moreira, Carlos Bica, Pedro Barreiros, Bruno Pedroso), Fátima Serro Quintet (with José Lima, Mário Teixeira), Peter King Quartet (with Zé Eduardo and Aldo Caviglia), António Mesa Quartet, Maria Viana (with Josè Lima, Art Themen, Herb Geller, Sheila Jordan), Barcelona/Porto Quartet (with Eduardo Santos), Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa (Piano Trio + Sinfonic Orch.), Trupe Vocal, Matt Wates Sextet (with Martin Shaw), Paulo Gomes eNsEmble (my tentet with Henry Lowther, Rolf Delfos...), Kiko Quintet, Quinto Elemento (with Hugo Carvalhais, Paulo Coelho, Jorge Reis and Paulo Pinto), Paulo Gomes/Fátima Serro (with Julian Arguelles), Classificados.

In several of this bands, I wrote and arranged original music. I would specially point out the compositions I did to some of the greatest portuguese poetry, and the work with my ensemble (a tentet that I begun in 2001).
I also wrote music to the Portuguese tour of the EMJO - European Movement Jazz Orchestra.

As a teacher (piano, harmony, improvisation and combo), I worked with many among the new generation of professional jazz musicians in Portugal. I did workshops and courses in many official and private schools, all over the country (continental and islands).

Since the early 90..s, I played in countless Jazz Festivals, in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands.

Paulo Gomes with Fatima Serro & Julian Arguelles

VBR kbps, Incl. Covers.



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