Ivo Papasov & His Orchestra - Balkanology

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Ivo Papasov & His Orchestra - Balkanology
This must be the most virtuosic clarinet record ever. In addition this kind of music is never heard of in America; it's real exotic stuff. These Bulgarian/Turkish tunes, though apparently wedding music (!), are played at extremely fast tempos; two are in 7/8, one is in 11/16 (!). They're all vehicles for non stop wailing by Papasov who is probably the greatest clarinet player on the planet.

[01]. Mladeshki Dance (Turkish)
[02]. Hristianova Kopanitsa
[03]. Istoria Na Edna Lyubov (Love Story)
[04]. Ivo's Ruchenitsa (Love Story)
[05]. Song For Baba Nedelya
[06]. Ergenski Dance (Macedonian)
[07]. Mominsko Horo
[08]. Tziganska Ballada (Romanian Gypsy)
[09]. Veseli Zborni (Marriage Song)
[10]. Proleten Dance (Greek)
[11]. Kasapsko Horo

MP3 320 kbps, no scans.



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