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Posted By MiOd On Saturday, October 26, 2013
Det dansende par (Go! Danish Folk)
Debut CD by a fine young Danish fiddler, playing traditional Danish music witha lot of verve, joy and energy. The measure of respect she has already gathere din Demnark is evident in the list of guests who agreed to join her on this recording: Rasmus Zeeberg (guitar), Nikolaj Wamberg (double bass), Andreas Tophøj (violin), Charlotte Støjberg Scmidt (piano), Louise Støjberg (vocal), Kirstine Elise Pedersen (cello), Ditte Fromseier Mortensen (viola, violin).

* 1. Svejtrit / Fra Crianlarich til Lille / Session på Egypt Cottage Efter Rasmus Nielsen / Kirstine Sand
* 2. Storm / Enkeliska Efter Rasmus Storm / Finsk efter Petri Prauda
* 3. Rewentlow / Hun er sød, hun er blød Efter Rewentlow/ Otto Mortensen
* 4. Frørup Vals Efter Rasmus Nielsen
* 5. Fredericia / Pirvals Efter Rasmus Nielsen
* 6. En Yndig og Frydefuld Sommertid Trad.
* 7. Æ Lam / Murkey Trad. Fanø / Efter Rasmus Storm
* 8. Det Dansende Par Kirstine Sand
* 9. Fyen Rundt / Verden rundt Efter Rasmus Nielsen/ Kirstine Sand
* 10. Victoria Kirstine Sand
* 11. Kræn Tong / Russisk Kontra Trad.
* 12. Hil dig frelser og forsoner C. C. Hoffmann

Kirstine Sand grew up in a home filled with folk music; her grandfather played the accordion and her brother played the violin. She started on the violin herself when she was 6 years old after curiously watching many of her brother’s violin lessons. After a few years she started playing for folk dancers and has since then stayed interested in traditional folk music.

In 2001 she started her professional education at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, Funen, Denmark. At first she studied music pedagogy, but after a few years she changed her major to folk and music specifically. She has received lessons from the folk musician Peter Uhrbrand, who is originally from the Danish Island of Fanø.

Through various projects with musicians from the UK, Kirstine became interested in Scottish folk music and in 2005/06 she studied a year at the University of Newcastle. There she mainly received lessons from Catriona MacDonald from the Shetland Islands. In May 2007, Kirstine finished her education from the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music.

The band is built around the violin player Kirstine Sand. She is accompanied by Andreas Tophøj, violin, Rasmus Zeeberg, guitar, and Nikolaj Wamberg, double-bass. The repertoire is traditional Danish folk music as well as Kirstine’s own compositions.

Andreas studies at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music of Funen, and will study at The Berklee College of Music, Boston, in 2007/08. He also plays in the bands Zar and Basko, and in Tophøj/Hockings/Graubæk.

Rasmus Zeeberg was educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Music majoring in classical guitar. He also plays in both folk music and pop bands like Zar, Henrik Jansberg Band and Hush.

Nikolaj Wamberg studies at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, Funen majoring in the double-bass. Besides playing with Kirstine Sand, he also plays with the folk music band Pørtner’s Komplot.

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