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Enjoy the true sounds of modern Morocco on this compelling Rough Guide. From gnawa to hip hop, funk, rap, and a whole lot more in between, this album includes some of the hottest names on the Moroccan scene right now. Rough Guide: Morocco (Second Edition) features the new generation of hip hop and rock bands, as well as paying tribute to other legendary Moroccan musicians, and serves as an insight into how the new Moroccan generation has lost its fear and found its voice.

The rough guide is an interesting overview of modern Moroccan music. There was a previous CD on Morocco by Rough Guide, which stuck close to the traditional music, but this CD has both traditional songs and some songs of the new generation, especially rappers. In fact, there's a song on this compilation, "Jil Jdeed," which is called "new generation". In general, I liked a lot of the songs on this rough guide, but there were a few that I wasn't too fond of.

Disc 1:
01. Sah Raoui (Feat. Salah Edin)
02. Compagnie El Hamri/Ya Rijal L'bled - Compagnies Musicales Du Tafilalet
03. El Aloua - Amira Saqati
04. Iberdane - Les Imazighen
05. Boolandrix - U-Cef
06. Moulana (Notre Chant) - Lemchaheb
07. Bania Bambara - Maalem Said Damir & Gnawa Allstars
08. Jil Jdid - H-Kayne
09. Mal Hbibi Malou - Samy Elmaghribi
10. Ya Labess - Mazagan
11. Mali Mal Hal M'halmaz - Master Musicians Of Joujouka

Disc 2:
12. Abdelillah - Groupe Mazagan
13. Ayli Ayli (Feat. Outlandish) - Groupe Mazagan
14. La Vignette - Groupe Mazagan
15. Atay - Groupe Mazagan
16. Ya Sidi Chafi (Duo) - Groupe Mazagan
17. Allah Allah - Groupe Mazagan
18. Sogui Belati - Groupe Mazagan
19. Salamo Salam - Groupe Mazagan
20. Asmae Allah Groupe Mazagan
21. Instrumental - Groupe Mazagan
22. Ayli Ayli (Solo)

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