Ustad Ali Akbar Khan - Alap - A Sarod Solo

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Shri Rag is a serious rag for the hours of sunset and twilight. The qualities of devotion (bhakti) and heroism (vir) are supreme, with touches of pathos (karuna). A particular character of the rag is brought out in the inflection of the flatted second scale degree, or komal re. It is several degrees flatter than it might be intoned in Western tuning and further, is played with the slow wavering of pitch known as andolan. The quality of this note is very strong in the coloring of the rag, and puts a virtuostic demand on the player to keep it pure.

This is
music making of the highest order. One reviewer chose to make
special mention of the Shri Rag, and the other made special
mention of Pilu Baroowa. As great as these two performances are, I feel that the crowning performance on the album is that
of the Ragini Iman Kalyan because it is the most extended of the three performances. It is the performance that for me best
illustrates the following quote from the liner notes by Ali Akbar Khan:
"You don't jump and show the whole picture of the
raga, but first develop the mood of the raga
which is going to come. It is like meditation."
He starts by playing one note at a time, leaving a space between
each note, sometimes bending a note. As the raga continues,
more notes are added and the speed is increased until the listener is enmeshed in an increasingly rich tapestry of sound.
I don't know how to explain it adequately, but Khansahib manages
to draw more feeling and atmosphere from of one note than many
performers can extract from all the notes of an extended composition. When I listen to this music, time stops, and I find
myself at a higher level of consciousness sensing things I can't describe. The only way anyone can understand the intense
spiritual joy that this music can give is too listen to it with undivided attention and no distractions. There is no music that I know that can empty the mind and regenerate the soul as well
as that on this album. I can promise any serious lover of music that they will have a life transforming experience if they will spare two hours to listen to this entire album without distractions.

Disc 1:
1. Shri Rag 38:22 Album Only
2. Pilu Baroowa (Light Classical Raga) 31:30 Album Only

Disc 2:
1. Ragini Iman Kalyan

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