Vieux Farka Toure - The Secret

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With his 2010 World Cup performance before a billion people in Johannesburg, South Africa, Vieux Farka Touré has become one of the most celebrated African guitarists in history. Unanimously hailed as one of the best contemporary African music releases of the year, his last studio album, Fondo saw Vieux emphatically emerging out of the famous shadow of his father, beloved African super star Ali Farka Touré-with excursions into jam-rock and electronic virtuosity, fused with the sublime elements of Malian and West African rhythms. Fondo largely made the boundaries between rock and world music immaterial. Vieux takes a dramatic next step with his new record, The Secret, produced by Soulive's Eric Krasno and featuring collaborations with guitar greats, Derek Trucks (Allman Brothers Band) & John Scofield as well as an inspired vocal contribution from Dave Matthews. Vieux Farka Touré today represents a generational bridge connecting American and African blues music and culture. A tireless artist, his 2011 itinerary is already filled with shows across America and Europe. It's simply impossible to burden Vieux with old associations. When you hear that guitar rip over those blues progressions, when you hear the electric buzz of his rock-influenced solos, you don't stop to think what nation the man is from. You simply become engulfed in the music, which for Vieux is something beyond understanding with words. Speaking of his evolutionary struggle of his country's tradition, he becomes reflective: "My music is more mature now, more evolved. It digs deeper into the past and pushes harder into the future as a result. This is a hard thing to explain, but hopefully the music speaks for itself. Do you want to know the secret? You have to listen to the album."

This is beautiful, undescribeable music, performed from the heart and that you'll feel in your own heart, if you're tuned in that way. In the US we are accustomed to music being categorized, to falling within a particular (although ambiguous) set of parameters in order to appeal to various radio audiences. This music simultaneously defies and dissolves boundaries and belongs in the category of 'beautiful, heart-felt, uncategorizeable music', the appeal of which some will embrace immediately and which will spread exponentially as we continue to wake up to the profundity of life on planet Earth. Warning: listening to it through your heart may awaken you from your slumber, if only for a moment.

01. Sokosondou
02. Aigna (feat. Derek Trucks)
03. All The Same (feat. Dave Matthews)
04. Ali
05. Lakkal (Watch Out) (feat. Eric Krasno)
06. Wonda Guay
07. The Secret (feat. Ali Farka Toure)
08. Borei
09. Sankare Diadje
10. Gido (feat. John Scofield)
11. Amana Quai
12. Touri

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