Arménie : Musique de tradition populaire et des Achough

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Armenian music is mainly sung. It is said that everyone sings in Armenia and for all occasions. Their music has had many influences from the diverse countries surrounding them (Asia, Middle East, Russia, and more) while remaining typical to their spirit. The Armenian popular music is sung either in solo or accompany with few instruments. They have three genres of songs: peasant songs, city songs, and bard epic songs. Their songs recount in music their everyday situations, preoccupations, and struggles; they can also accompany dances. This CD also features the duduk, a well-known languorous Armenian oboe. The soul of a people in music.

01. Work Song (Village Of Choratyali) - Chara Dalian
02. Harvest Song - Arzas Oskanian
03. Sheperd's Tune - Antranik Askanian
04. Song Of The Emigrant - Hayrik Mouradian
05. A Lament - Khatchadour Khatchaturian/Antranik Askarian
06. Tune For Dancing - Hayrik Mouradian
07. Love Song - Tchivan Kasparian/Antranik Askarian/Vladimir Ekorian
08. Dance Of The Mountain Folk - Souren Haroutionian/Serguey Assadourian/Khatchadour Miguerditchian
09. An Epic Song - Chara Dalian
10. The Crane - Arzas Oskanian
11. The Wind Subsides - Vatche Hovsepian/Antranik Askarian
12. Here Is The Aras (Armenian River) - Chara Dallian
13. A Mother's Lament - Loussik Totchian
14. Marriage Song - Djivan Kasparian/Antranik Sagarian
15. Moonlight - Vartouki Khatchatourian/Antranik Sagarian
16. Dance Of The Village Of Karni - Souren Haroutiounian/Serguey Assadourian/Khatchadour Miguerditchian
17. Kamantcha - Raffi Hovanessian
18. Toun En Kelkhen Imastoun Yes - K. Zakarian
19. Mi Khost Ounim Iltimazor - Chara Talian
20. Poeme Chante De Chirin - Vagharchak Sahakian
21. Poeme Chante De Tchivani - Chara Talian
22. Poeme Chante De Cheram - Kouben Mateossian
23. Naze-Naz - Ophelia Hampartzoumian
24. 'What Am I Saying?' - Hovannes Patalian
25. 'He Was Moved' - Loussik Kochian
26. 'My Beloved' - Roupen Margossian

320 kbps including full scans

Part 1 | Part 2


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