Burundi - Musiques Traditionnelles

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Part of Ocora's extensive traditional music lines, this album of music from Burundi attempts to present some of the salient examples of musical traditions in the old Kingdom. Some of the music is really quite amazing in the way that it can be both incredibly simple, but at the same time almost mesmerizing. The works on the album are really more of the form for an ethnomusicologist, in that many are simply a minute or two and exist solely to demonstrate a given technique or instrument, but for those ethnomusicologists, it will be quite worthwhile. There are demonstrations of native inanga zithers, ubuhuha vocal techniques, drum troupes, whispered singing techniques, musical bows, and ritualized greetings. Most aspects of the musical culture are represented in some fashion in the course of the album. For those with the patience to endure it, this album is very noteworthy, at least in its musicological values, if not for its aesthetics.

01. Chant Avec Cithare 5:34
02. Chant De Femmes 2:39
03. Ubuhuha 1:18
04. Ubuhuha 0:36
05. Complainte Avec Vièle Monocorde 2:29
06. Chant Et Arc Musical 1:02
07. Chant Et Sanza 1:58
08. Solo De Flûte 3:16
09. Akazéhé Par Une Jeune Fille 1:22
10. Akazéhé Par Deux Jeunes Filles 1:33
11. Solo De Cithare 2:30
12. Tambours Royaux "Ingoma" 7:34
13. Suite De Cithare Inanga Avec Voix Chuchotée 13:30
14. Sanza Ikembe Avec Voix 4:02
15. Tambours Ingoma Avec Chœur D'Hommes 7:30
16. Group De Tambours Royaux Avec Appels De Trompes 5:16
17. Chant D'Enfants Accompagné D'Un Arc Musical Umuduri

320 kbps including Covers



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