Japanese Traditional Music [8] - Shamisen

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ShamisenA three-string plucked lute from Japan, since the 17th century a popular contributor to all forms of folk and art music. Standard tunings are b-e′-b″, b-f#′-b′ and b-e′-a′. The shamisen is played with an ivory plectrum; its distinctive sound is caused by a cavity in its long neck which allows the lowest strings to vibrate against the wood.


(01) [Japanese Traditional Music] Gidayuu; Kiyari Ondo
(02) [Japanese Traditional Music] Gidayuu; Nozakimura no Dan
(03) [Japanese Traditional Music] Kiyomoto; Kanda Matsuri
(04) [Japanese Traditional Music] Tokiwazu; Yuuzuki Sendou
(05) [Japanese Traditional Music] Shin-nai; Akegarasu
(06) [Japanese Traditional Music] Shin-nai; Ranchou
(07) [Japanese Traditional Music] Shin-nai; Nagashi

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