Rashid Khan - Swar Shikhar

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Rashid Khan - Swar Shikhar
Rashid Khan is one of the topmost performers in the contemporary vocalists of Indian classical music. At the age of fifteen in 1980, he acquired status of a prodigy displaying the vocal prowess, depth of musical ideas and stunning virtuosity of a veteran. He was groomed under his great uncle, Ustad Nissar Husain Khan of the Rampur Sahaswan Gharana. The spontaneity in the expositions of his musical ideas and his ability to weave those ideas to create the desired mood of the Raga make his music very effective.

1. Raga Brindabani Sarang -
Vialmbit Khayal Ek Taal -
Bhore Jhinh Allah-Drut Khayal Teen Taal -
Acche Peer More (Medley) (Live)

2. Raga Patdeep -
Vilambit Khayal Ek Taal -
Dhana Dhan Bhag-Drut Khaya Ek Taal -
Rang Rangila Banaro More (Medley) (Live)

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