Rashmi Chakraborty - Soul of the Night

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Rashmi Chakraborty:
Smt. Rashmi Chakraborty is one of the most talented violinists of North Indian Classical Music. She took her initial training in music from her mother Smt. Manisha Sen Sharma. She was groomed as a violinist at a very young age under the tutelage of the internationally famous violinist Vidushi Sisirkona Dhar Chowdhury. Later, She received Talim in Alap, Dhrupad and the delicacies of ragas from Dhrupad Maestro, Padmsbhushan Ustad R. Fahimuddin Khan Dagar. Smt. Rashmi was awarded the title ‘Surmani’ by the Sur-Singer-Samsad, Mumbai for her excellent performance in the ‘Kal-Ke-Kalakar Sangeet Sammelan’. Since 1985, she has been a regular artiste of All India Radio, Kolkata, and has been rendering performances in various organizations including Doordarshan, Kolkata. Smt. Rashmi always mesmerizes her audience by her captivating recital of violin.

She also has a brillint academic career with M.A., M.Phil. in Economics. She has served as an Associate Professor in Economics in a college under the University of Calcutta and has several published Papers of National and International standard.
The Album ‘Soul of the Night’ is an enchanting depiction of some night-ragas expressing different moods, rhythms and melodies.

1. Raga Bihaag
Alap, Jod, Jhala;
Bandish in Bilambit Tintal & Drut Tintal

2. Raga Desh
Short alap; Bandish in Maddhyalay Jhamptal

3. Raga Hansadhwani
Short alap; Bandish in Teevra Tal
& in Drut Tintal

4. Dhun

5. Bhajan

Tabla: Pandit Sujit Saha

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