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ebut album from percussionist extraordinairre, V.Selvaganesh. We have known the musical power of Selva over the years as an integral member with Remember Shakti, astounding records with Jonas Hellborg (Icon, Good People in Times of Evil). On this outing he teams up with Zakir Hussain, progressive Sitarist Niladri Kumar, mandolin maestro U.Shrinivas and the great John McLaughlin. Soukha has been in work for years and it promises to be a musical treat fusing Carnatic Music and Western Jazz Rock.

Like many other classically trained Indian musicians of his generation percussion master V. Selvaganesh is based in tradition and at the same time finding new ways to integrate the transcendent beauty of Indian music with contemporary musical forms. As he wisely says in the booklet: "Tradition is the path to fulfill oneself. But it is but a word created by men whereas music is God's gift".

Selvaganesh is best known for his work with Zakir Hussain, U. Shrinivas and John McLaughlin in Remember Shakti and for his collaborations with bassmaestro Jonas Hellborg, f.ex. the wonderful "Kali's Son". Here all the
other three members of Remember Shakti participate, John contributing the final composition "Sonu Mama" and playing some inspired guitar and U. Shrinivas spreading his mandolinmagic on several cuts.

Other participants includes vocalist extraordinary Shankar Mahadevan, who has sung on John McLaughlin's fine "Industrial Zen" and on the beautiful "Breathing Under Water" by Anoushka Shankar and Karsh Kale. Sitarvirtuoso Niladri Kumar, third part of the 'powertrio' heard on "Kali's Son". And Selvaganesh' illustrious father Vikku Vinayakram, the original Shakti-percussionist alongside Zakir.

All 8 tracks are wellcrafted, wellplayed, the whole album sprinkled with inspiration and musical delight on the highest level.

A must for all lovers of Indian music, and for all interested in drumming and rythm, Selvaganesh being a foremost exponent of the konakol-tradition. And having in fact released an instructional DVD on the subject together with John McLaughlin in 2007

1. Ballad Of Varan
2. Goa Party
3. Love To My Brothers
4. Shiva Thandav
5. Lord Of Rhythm
6. Vikku Ji U
7. You & Me
8. Sonu Mama

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