Bustan Abraham - Live Concerts

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80 magical and captivating minutes from the best live performances of Bustan Abraham from around the world (1992-2002). This album is the first time that recordings of live concerts of one of the leading groups on the world music scene have been made possible. Take a seat and enjoy Bustan Abraham...Live!

[01]. Bustan (Paris)
[02]. Suite for Deyzi (Hong Kong)
[03]. Fountainhead (Paris)
[04]. Jazz Kar-Kurd (California)
[05]. Caravan
[06]. Toy Vivo
[07]. Journey (Hong Kong)
[08]. Solaris
[09]. Hamsin
[10]. Gypsy Soul

Taiseer Elias-oud, violin
Amir Milstein-flute
Avshalom Farjun-qanoun
Emmanuel Mann -bass
Zohar Fresco-percussion
Miguel Herstein-classical guitar and banjo
Nassim Dakwar-violin
Yehuda Siliki-baglama

320 kbps including Covers



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