Golden Afrique Vol.1

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It was the most exciting period of recent African history. From the late 1950s onwards, one African country after another gained independence.

Independence had its own literature and its own soundtrack. It was the dawning of the golden age of African pop music. In the 1970s and early 1980s, local traditions, modern western styles and instruments combined to create an exciting new sound that expressed the euphoria and pride of a newfound freedom. The Golden Afrique series dives into this vast musical ocean of and comes up with its finest, rarest pearls.

The series opens with music from Guinea , Mali , Guinea-Bissao , Gambia , Ivory Coast , Chad and Senegal – many of the tracks are available on CD for the very first time. Youssou N’Dour takes his first tentative steps, creating the mbalax sound that will later spread around the world, Salif Keita raises his golden voice, Baobab de Dakar and Bembeya Jazz National from Conakry take the big band sound to new heights, the Super Eagles of Gambia sing of African unity, the Amazones de Guinea form the first all-woman big band line-up, Miriam Makeba sings in her own language from her Guinean exile, Super Mama Djombo have to fly from Guinea to Moscow to make their groundbreaking recordings, Maitre Gazonga from Chad has a huge hit and disappears...

From Afrocuban styles to local rhythms, soul and blues influences, Golden Afrique is an exhilarating journey through the musical history of Africa , full of sheer joy and totally danceable.

In the 1970s and early 1980s, the popular music scene in Africa exploded with new ideas of merging ancient culture with contemporary ideas and tools. This first volume in the series includes artists from Guinea , Mali , Guinea-Bissao , Gambia , Ivory Coast , Chad and Senegal – many of the tracks are available on CD for the very first time. Artists include Youssou N’Dour, Salif Keita, Baobab de Dakar, Bembeya Jazz National, Super Eagles, Amazones de Guinea, Miriam Makeba, Super Mama Djombo, Maitre Gazonga along with a host of artists you may never have heard of before.

CD 1
*01. Maitre Gazonga: Les jaloux saboteurs 8:27
*02. Bébé Manga: Amie 7:05
*03. Amadou Balaké: Taximen 7:41
*04. Ernesto DjéDjé: Ziboté 5:47
*05. De mi amor: Lonlon Nyeku 5:51
*06. Sory Bamba du Mali: Dis-moi la vérité 6:09
*07. Ousmane Kouyaté: Beni Haminanko 8:48
*08. Ambassadeurs du Motel: Bolola Sanou 4:55
*09. Rail Band: Rail Band 6:28
*10. Ambassadeurs International: N’toman 8:30

CD 2
*01. Super Mama Djombo: Dissan Na M’bera 5:12
*02. No.1 de Dakar: Yaye Boye 5:12
*03. Étoile de Dakar: Mane Kouma Xol 4:49
*04. Étoile de Dakar: Thiely 4:07
*05. Orchestra Baobab: Autorail 6:58
*06. Idy Diop: Yaye Boye 4.55
*07. Guelewar Band of Banjul : Warteef Jiggeen 6:49
*08. Super Eagles: Aliou Gori-Mami 2:36
*09. Super Eagles: Gambia/Zambia 3:28
*10. Balla et ses balladins: Paulette 7:39
*11. Miriam Makeba: Malouyame 3:35
*12. Orchestre de la Paillotte: Kadia Blues 4:43
*13. Amazones de Guinee: Samba 4:53
*14. Bembeya Jazz National: Tentemba 8:49

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