India: Dhrupad - Alaka Lahiri: Chant

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As in everything by the Younger Dagars that I have heard, there is a wonderful restraint in this rendition of Raga Multani. The music is revealed in an unhurried, controlled manner that borders on the minimalist tendencies of some modern western composers, such as Morton Feldman. What I like about the Younger Dagars recordings as opposed to those of their older brothers (Aminuddin and Moinuddin) is that they took advantage of more modern recording technology to reveal the subtle vocal shadings that make this a performance of Dhrupad at its most pure.

It should be clearly stated, that this recording has nothing of any of the Dagar Brothers in it and should therefore not be related to it. I haven`t so far ben able to collect more detailed information about the female singer Alaka Lahiri, who gives us a profound,yet not outstanding performance. Anyway, I still recommend it to people,who want to listen to various voices in Dhrupad and so expand their listening experience.

The important information is that Dagar brothers have nothing to do with the current album. It is misleading and the two attached reviews don't help to dispel the myth.

1. Raga Bhairava, Ou Bhairo
2. Raga Shuddha Saranga

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