Kasbah Rockers

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Bassist and producer Bill Laswell has always been a globe-hopper with a particular affection for North Africa, and here he shows up as a featured guest on the latest project from Pat Jabbar, a Franco-Swiss-Russian musician from Hamburg by way of Basel. This generously packed album is almost completely excellent from beginning to end: it features an exciting blend of traditional North African instruments and singing; hip-hop and reggae beats; multilingual rapping (in French and Arabic); drum loops and samples; and Laswell's sweet, fat, singing basslines. Nowhere do these elements come together more effectively than on the utterly slamming "Al Rafel," which showcases the tag-team rapping of the Marrakesh duo HS (brothers Hamza and Anass) and is built on a brilliantly simple hip-hop beat and embroidered with trashy synthesizers and multi-layered percussion instruments. "Bledstyle" features one of the very few interesting and enjoyable bass solos ever committed to tape, "Shta" juxtaposes a slowly grinding beat with choral vocals and strings, and on "Kasbah Rockers" singer Kamal builds the energy to a fever pitch over a bed of mixed acoustic and electronic instruments and a madly propulsive dance rhythm. A couple of weak tracks (notably the rather tedious reggae excursion "Shems") notwithstanding, this is a fantastic album overall.

01. Hikayati
02. Bred Atay
03. Falludjah Car
04. Shta
05. Al Rafel
06. Bledstyle
07. Mafi Tika
08. Fikou
09. Hellou Al Biban
10. Hashouma
11. Shems
12. Rassoul Al Houda
13. Jebel
14. Kasbah Rockers (vocal mix)
15. Ayna
16. Kafaka Mina Raks (vocal mix)

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