Sonorous Strings Of Sarangi

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Pandit Ram Narayan and the Sarangi have become synonymous, since he happens to be the only reigning master of this intricate instrument.
A gifted artist with an excellent sense of the aesthetic capabilities of his instrument, Ram Narayanhas made innovations on the Sarangi to achieve a wider and more meaningful range of expressiveness. To quote the artist himself," sarangi players are generally much more alert and versatile than other musicians, because they have accompanied all kinds of vocalists from baijia, qawwals, and thumri singers to khayal and dhrupad - dhamar singers." The credit of elevating the sarangi from an accompanying instrument for vocalists, to a solo concert instrument goes entirely to Ram Narayan.

A legend in his own time, Ram Narayan has begun a new era in sarangi playing.

Pandit Ram Narayan is a musical genius. His performances on the sarangi are among the most sublime and beautiful works of music ever made. I feel strongly that humanity is fortunate to have these recordings as they must be considered as among the cultural treasures of the human race. I have not heard a piece of music by Ram Narayan that was not staggeringly profound and moving, and even spiritual, if that word has any meaning anymore in the West. This and all recordings by Ram Narayan will not disappoint.

1. Gujri Todi - Alap
2. Vilambit Gat - Teental
3. Behag - Madhyra Laya Gat Teental
4. Misra Bhairavi

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