The Lyrical Tradition of Dhrupad - Hori Dhamar

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[07]. Hori Dhamar, 1999

Sung during the spring festival, Hori Dhamar is one of the main forms of Dhrupad. This record allows you to discover all the facets of Hori through newly released and uncut recordings of different Dhrupad schools.

Born in Bettiah (Bihar) in 1957, Indra Kishore Mishra belongs to an important family of Dhrupad singers. Educated in the traditional way (Guru Shishy parampara), he has received from his forefathers more than two thousand six hundred compositions in dhrupad, dhrupad, hori. His family is the last known to sing the dhrupad of the Gauhar and Kandahar vanis Residing in one of the most segregated areas of Northern India and living a peaceful life away from modern urban strife, he has kept his tradition alive.

Born in 1966 at Jaora (M. P.) in a family of musicians, Uday Bhawalkar has studied classical singing since he was 8 years old. After the cursus of the music school of Uijain, he received the Allauddin Khan Sangeet Academi Grant and became the student of Fariduddin Dagar in Bhopal. Since 1985 and until his death, the great master Zia Mohiuddin Dagar (rudraveens) has taught him the dhrupad of the Dagarvani.

Born in 1953 in Katihar (Bihar), Dr Ritwik Sanyal belongs to a family of musicians. His mother, a student of Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar and Ustad Fariduddin Dagar. first taught him how to sing when he was twelve years old. He then studied with her Ustads who perfected his musical education until Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar passed away. He is one of the last poets able to compose in this difficult form.

Girish Karia was born in Bombay (Maharashtra) in 1956. In his young age he started learning the enormous musical and poetical repertoire of the Haveli Dhrupad, under the guidance of Kanhaia Lal Munshi.
Haveli Dhrupad is sung in special temples, built in the shape of a small palace (haveli). Girish Karia sings for only one audience, the idol of the temple, Shri Nathji.
A travelling musician, he sings in local temples of this branch of Hinduism all across India.

1. Rag Shuddh Lalit - Alap - Hori Dhamar
2. Rag Shuddh Lalit - Hori Dhamar
3. Rag Saraswati - Alap
4. Rag Saraswati - Hori Dhamar
5. Rag Chayanat - Alap
6. Rag Chayanat - Hori Dhamar
7. Rag Kafi - Alap - Hori Dhamar

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