The Lyrical Tradition of Dhrupad - Indra Kishore Mishra

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[03]. Indra Kishore Mishra - Nauhar & Khandar Vani, 1995

Born in Bettiah (Bihar) in 1957, Indra Kishore Mishra belongs to an important family of Dhrupad singers, Educated in the traditional way (guru Shishya parampara), he has received from his forefathers more than two thousand six hundred compositions in dhrupad, dhamar, hor.
His family is the last known to sing the dhrupad of the Nauhar and Kandahar vanis.
His ancestors, court singers to the Moghul emperors, left Delhi at the end of the 18th century, when most of the dhrupadyas left the capital, just as the Mallick family went to Oudh.
Residing in one of the most segregated areas of Northern India and living a peaceful life away from modern urban strife, he has kept his tradition alive. Indra Kishore Mishra has accepted to be recorded for the first time to give the world some of the musical treasures he keeps alive.

Shrikant Mishra (packawaj), born in 1952, has studied packawaj with a great master : Pandit Amarnath Mishra of Benares. He is now himself a master of this difficult art.

Rag Bageshri
1. Rag Bageshri - Alap
2. Rag Bageshri - Dhrupad - Chautal
3. Rag Bageshri - Dhrupad - Jhaptal
4. Rag Bageshri - Dhrupad - Sultal
5. Rag Bageshri - Tarana - Adi Tal
6. Rag Pancham - Alap
7. Rag Pancham - Chaturang - Tal Tivra

Shrikant Mishra - pakhawaj

320 kbps including full scans



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