The Lyrical Tradition of Dhrupad - Uday Bhawalkar - Dagarvani

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[02]. Uday Bhawalkar - Dagarvani, 1995

Born in 1966 at Jaora (M. P.) in a family of musicians, Uday Bhawalkar has studied classical singing since he was 8 years old, after the cursus of the music school of Ujjain, he received the Allauddin Khan Sangeet Academi grant and became the student of Fariduddin Dagar in Bhopal. Since 1985 and until his death, the great master Zia Mohiuddin Dagar (rudraveena) has taught him the dhrupad of the Dagarvani. In 1987 he received the National Grant for Dhrupad, then the Gold Medal of Dhrupad from the hands of Aminuddin Dagar (The Dagar Brothers). He gave his first concert in Bhopal in 1985. He has toured a lot in India in very famous festivals ("Tansen Samaroh" of Gwalior, "Dhrupad Samaroh" of Bhopal, "Amir Khan Samaroh" of Indore...) and in Europe (Masters of the Raga in Holland, Otono Music Festival in Spain , Sangeet Parampara Festival of Berlin). In 1988 he became an artist of the All India Radio. Manik Munde (pakhawaj), born in 1960, has studied packawaj from a very great master : Pt Amarnath Mishra from Benares. He is a known accompanist in India.

1. Rag Vibhas - Alap
2. Rag Vibhas - Chautal
3. Rag Suha - Alap
4. Rag Suha - Jhaptal

Manik Munde - pakhawaj

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