Chinese Flower Music - Orchid

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3. Chinese Flower Music - Orchid
Chinese orchids have clear colored flowers and finely organized foliage, possessing a placid and charming quality. In this collection, music is used to convey the characteristics of orchids to listeners. Musical instruments such as the pai-xiao, guzheng, erhu, and pipa are employed to present the lofty realm of truth, good, and beauty that orchids represent.

1.Fragrance of the Country-Fujian Orchids
2.Origin of Fragrance-Spring Orchids
3.Flowers of Nobility-Chiya-suxin Orchids
4.Royal Fragrance-Daming Orchids
5.A Beautiful Lady from Empty Valleys-Winter Orchids
6.Supreme Fragrance in the World-Baosui Orchids

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