Chinese Flower Music - Plum blossom

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4. Chinese Flower Music - Plum blossom
in this album, the upright spirit of the blossom is transformed into the music of sheer texture. the interwoven sounds of nature and various chinese instruments depict the crystal beauty of the plum blossom, blooming under the winter moon

1. The Unworldly Beauty- The Wild Plum Blossom
2. Fairy By The Moonlight- The Vermilion Plum Blossom
3. Queen Of The Blossoms- The Green-Sepaled Plum Blossom
4. Extreme Beauty- The Yellow Plum Blossom
5. Fairy Of Delicacy- The Blossom Of Aged Plum Tree
6. Twins Lying On One Sepal- The Plum Blossom Couple

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