Favourite Qin Pieces of Li Xiang-ting

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In 1995, Hong Kong Dragon Music Production Co., Ltd. published this "Favourite Qin Pieces Of Li Xiang-ting seclusion: LiXiangTing Guqin solo" album. In this album, we still see Mr. Li Xiangting as a leading contemporary figure Guqin home. Mr. Lee is still with its collection of the Song Dynasty falling clouds flowing piano, play a convincing and exciting to play the qin song, from the most ancient "Guanglingsan" to Lee in recent years improvisations "house arrest" and "Nostalgia "We seem to have heard" Chinese poetry "before the Beginning of the sound of a wander round, stand outside the Church stop to listen, Daya. "Water" the piece of music, "Lament," the concern for the fate, "Fisherman and the Woodcutter," the detachment strength of character, "Guanglingsan" of righteousness, has slowly come hit me, I am drunk cried a clear heart ...

[01]. Mist and Clouds over Xiao-Xiang River
[02]. Contemplation in the Quiiet Night
[03]. Three Variations of Plum Bllossom
[04]. Tune for a Peaceful Night
[05]. Flowing Water
[06]. The Moaning at Chang Men Palace
[07]. Dialogue Between The Fisherman and the Woodcutter
[08]. Leaves Dancing in tje Autumn Wind
[09]. Lisao
[10]. Secluded Residence
[11]. Guang ling Verse

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