Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits - Ten Million Moons

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The second release from one of the most sought after kirtan (chant) groups in the world. They transport us to their divine universe with lush, cinematic arrangements, beautiful vocal harmonies, dynamic ethnic rhythms, and rich textured instrumentation. Their first album,
"Nectar Of Devotion", is a cult classic that can be found in the personal collections of yoga's best and brightest teachers and musicians.

Hearing "Ten Million Moons" is at once invigorating and deeply calming. The musicianship is superb but , most importantly, there is real feeling here. The contemporary arrangements of traditional classics and the bits of "fusion" throughout never come across as pretentious or gimmicky (as attempts at fusion often do) . The gospel-style rendition of "Jiv Jago" is a perfect example of this- and it is a living proof that anyone and everyone can participate in kirtan. Thanks!

1. My Body Is A Temple (Krishna Murari)
2. Moods of Kirtan (Siksastakam)
3. Stop and Talk (Hey Natha)
4. Mira's Song (Mharo Pranam)
5. Ten Million Moons (Nitai Pada Kamala)
6. Sleeping Soul (Jiv Jago)
7. Surrender
8. Where Was I Last Night? (Nami Danam Chi Manzil)
9. The Pirate Song (Dina Dayal)
10. Worship The Golden Lord (Bhaja Bauranga)
11. Thunder and Lightning (Radha Krishna Pran)

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