Govi - Andalusian Nights

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Another review that I should have submitted years ago. "Andalusian Nights" is the third consecutive upbeat Govi CD, following "Passion & Grace" and "Guitar Odyssey". I spent two months in 1973 touring Spain; camping and spending nights in pensiones (sic) with college friends. The songs from this CD take me back on a return trip that we promised to take, but never did. I liked this Govi CD, with his trademark feel good/lively sound, when I purchased it upon original release but did not fully appreciate the music until just a couple of years ago; not a clunker track on the entire CD. Cuts #2,3 (great fiddle playing),and 5 will bring out your best on even a bad day and the rest of the CD is introspective music that I never tire of hearing. My experience with Govi's music is that people of all ages including my mother (81 years old), her friends, my friends, and young people all appreciate the sound of this talented artist.

1. Persuasion
2. Andalusian Nights
3. Gypsy Magic
4. Serenade D'Amor
5. High Spirits
6. Rumba Tumba
7. Carry Me Away
8. Glimpse Of Spain
9. Simplicity Of The Heart

320 kbps including Covers



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