Chinese Flower Music - Waves of Pine

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6. Chinese Flower Music-Waves of Pine
An unconventional new age fusion from an excellent team of Chinese musicians and a beautiful inspiration of pines create this album of elegant surprise. Traditional instruments such as ancient guqin (Chinese long zither), liuqin (plucked-string), Chinese flute and xuan (ceramic-made), inspired by the enchanting lines and waves of pines, interweave and bring to you a new vogue of Eastern naturalistic joy. When you listen to these waves of pines, you will be transformed to a blissful state of peace and relaxing intoxication.

1. Tea under a Pine
2. Waves of Pine
3. In Deep Clouds
4. Friends of Winter
5. The Dance between Wind and Pines
6. In and out of a Dream
7. Ghostly Shadows
8. A Pine upon a Mirror

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