Fairuz - Wala Kif

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Fairuz is a remarkably popular Lebanese musician who has managed to sustain Lebanese cultural motifs and aspirations while blending her performances with sounds as diverse as Mozart and Latin American rumbas, flamenco and Balkan folk music. Fairuz, who is Christian, has recorded both hymns and pro-Palestinian sings. The curious can hear her sing on Al-Gomma al-Hazeenah. ~ Leon Jackson, All Music Guide

Although that Fairouz presents in this album a style different from her eariler works,'Wala Kif' is no doubt a remarkable piece of work. It is a simple yet very creative masterpiece that allows Fairouz to gain the hearts of the arab world's youth. 'Wala Kif' also demonstrates Ziad Rahbany's unrivaled creativity in both oriental and occidental music.

[01].Sabah Wu Masa (Morning and Evening)
[02].Shu Bkhaf (Manha de de Carnaval) (How I Fear)
[03].Sobhil Jiz (My Comrade)
[04].Tinzakar Ma Tinaad (May History Not Repeat Itself!)
[05].Ya Mariamu (Saint Mary)
[06].Ana Fezaani (I Feel So Afraid)
[07].Bizakker Bil Kharif (Les Feuilles Mortes) (He Reminds Me of Autumn)
[08].Wallah (La Bamba) (Never)
[09].Inshallah Ma Bu Shi [I Hope He Is Doing Fine]
[10].Bizakker Bil Kharif [Take 2]

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