Govi - Guitar Odissey

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Govi sets the spirits soaring and the hips swaying on Guitar Odyssey, an intoxicating blend of guitars sweetened with breezy South American pan pipes and sensual rhythms. With a treasure chest full of tracks encompassing the high spirited 'Sails of Joy,' the soulful rhumba of 'Treasure Bay,' and the romantic tenderness of 'Your Lingering Touch,' Govi's virtuosity is showcased on Guitar Odyssey, a truly joyful adventure.

After a long stressful day at work and combating the wilds of the freeways, I come home and insert this in the CD player, dim the lights and just relax. (Guitar Oddesy will soothe the savage beast within and more). Govi's CD is a combination of a romantic instrumental opera, some of it is fire & passion, then again some of it is from a place you knew long ago. All of it leaves me yearning for more...

1. Sails Of Joy
2. Magellan's Beat
3. Turquoise Galleon
4. Lover's Moon
5. Beach Fire Dancers
6. Dolphin Escort
7. Treasure Bay
8. Your Lingering Touch
9. Rhumba De La Noche

320 kbps including Covers



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