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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Haydee Alba began classical singing early with Sofia Bandin and Guillermo Parmigiani. She learned music at the same time, and in 1978, she studied acting with Adelaida Hernandez Castagnino, among others.

Especially drawn to the popular music of her home country, she traveled extensively in Argentina in order to steep herself in traditional music and lyrics. She studied the tango with Roberto Selles, Jose Gobello, and Hector Negro, and she developed her repertoire with Leon Benaros, Virgilio and Homero Exposito.

Haydee Alba began her career singing in many theatres in Buenos Aires. At the same time, she became well known in Argentina through the programme of traditional music which she created and presented on the national radio station.

In 1986, Paris audiences discovered Haydee Alba when she performed for three months at “Les Trottoirs de Buenos Aires.”

From then on, Haydee Alba was launched on an international career throughout Europe (England, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Poland etc…), Switzerland and Canada. Among many Parisian venues, she performed at the Centre Pompidou, the Maison de l’Amerique Latine, the Theatre Dejazet, the amphitheatre of the Bastille Opera, Theatre Kalliste a Ajaccio, among others.

Many listens to Tango music expecting dance rythms. This album however not only capture the essence of Tango, but it also shows the deep meaning and vocal passion of Tango music. Ms. Alba vocal style is deeply rooted in Argentinian dialect and express the most passion in the music. My favorites are "Volver" and acapella "Nostalgia"

Stunning and evocative performances that reveal the passion and depth of Tango. Close your eyes and you could be there amongst the docks of Buenos Aires, listening to a lover's lament echoing amongst the cobblestones and the darkness.

1. Adiós, Pampa Mía!
2. Caminito
3. Volver
4. Uno
5. Por la Vuelta
6. A Media Luz
7. Barrio Reo
8. La Pastora
9. Amargura
10. Al Compas del Corazon

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