Namibia: Songs of the Ju'hoansi Bushmen

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Recorded after the Namibian war for independence from the South African government, this collection of tribal and traditional songs of the northern Kalahari Bushmen from the villages of Xahoba and Auru reveals just how closely music and song are linked to community life and accompany all rituals. This is a people who, despite being farmers and living an agrarian life, are still hunters and gatherers. Music is an extension of practical language. Unlike Pygmy music, the music of the Namibia Bushmen is not polyphonic. Songs are based in one part and materialized simultaneously with variants of low, medium, and high. It may sound rather elementary, and indeed it is, but it is far from boring. Each singer participates in the shaping of each song -- to varying degrees, but all are important parts of the whole. The songs included here, all of them in chant form, are for initiations of boys and girls into the tribe as adults, for healing, and for conversation (in which gossip is exchanged). Examples of collective singing and healing songs (both as forms of entertainment) as well as singing games are also included. As is typical of an Ocora release, extensive notes have been included to help the listener place this music in a friendly context. No matter how familiarizing that process may be, it won't prepare listeners for what they will hear. The Namibia Bushmen are truly an otherworldly group of singers. Awesome.

01. The Bat-Eared Fox ('U)
02. The Bat-Eared Fox ('U)
03. The Eland (Nang Tzi)
04. The Honey (Zo Tzi)
05. The Lion (Nhai Tzi)
06. Conversation
07. Songs With Rattle (Tcoq 'Ungo Tzisi)
08. Songs With Rattle (Tcoq 'Ungo Tzisi)
09. The Child (Da 'Ama Tzi)
10. The Wind (Maq Tzi)
11. The Mamba (Naigo Tzi)
12. The Rhinoceros Horns (Hai Hu Tzi)
13. The Zaqn Tree (Zaqn Tzi)
14. The Melon (Tamah Tzi)
15. The Rope (Nharu Tzi)
16. The Porcupine ('Om Tzi)
17. The Cooking (Ho Tzi)
18. The Young Eland (Nang Tzema Tzi)
19. The Oryx (Go 'E Tzi)
20. The Child (Da 'Ama Tzi)
21. Exhausted (N Amm Tzi)

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