Ouganda. Aux sources du Nil

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This album is a testament to the stylistic diversity of Ugandan music. A diversity due both to the cultural mix of bantu, sudanic and nilotic and to the constant immigration from neighbouring countries

Ocora scores again with this release of Ugandan music. In researching a programme for the Hong kong public radio station, RTHK Radio 4, I came across this disc and I have programmed several pieces from it. What I am particularly pleased with is the variety of genres, styles, and instruments--the recording includes drumming with chant, a thumb piano solo, an ungodly cacaphony of 8 horns that MUST be heard to be believed, a fantastically cheerful welcome song with a choir and ensemble of thumb pianos, and much more. The recording quality is very good--this is a terrific addition to any world music library.

01. Circumcision Ceremony
02. Madinda Solo
03. Song Accompanied On The Nanga
04. Trio Of Adungu Harps
05. Songs Accompanied On The Sanza
06. Sanza Solo
07. Nnankasa Dance-Music
08. Orchestra Of Agwara Horns
09. Endingidi Solo
10. Baakisimba Wedding Dance - Aboluganda Kwagalana Group
11. Lukeme Orchestra And Song - Aleka Jazz Band Group
12. Lukeme Orchestra And Song - Lukeme Group
13. Song And Dance - Gulu United Arts Group
14. The Orak Ceremony - Pawidi Group

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Part 1 | Part 2

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Part 1 | Part 2


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