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Ross Daly, the master of cretan lyra, performs here with the Trio Chemirani and four other musicians. A unique concert with musical roots in Crete, Greece and Transcaucasia.

Born in England in 1952, of Irish origin, Ross Daly began his travels at a very early age. His first instrument was the cello which he began when his family lived in America, which was followed by studies of classical guitar which began in Japan. He later encountered Indian music, which immediately drew his interest. He subsequently studied the Indian sitar, the Afghan rabab, the Turkish saz and oud.
In 1975 he moved to Crete where he studied the lyra with its great master Kostas Moudakis.
«I did not chose Crete, I have more of an impression that the lyra ‘chose’ me. When I arrived, the lyra was not taught in music schools. I followed the teaching of its greatest living virtuoso for sixteen years. I have always believed that, in the case of traditional instruments, you must first learn the instrument and its repertoire in the traditional manner before you start to work as an innovator».
In 1982 Ross Daly founded the group Labyrinth, which initially was dedicated to experimental work on Cretan music. Labyrinth gradually developed into a musical workshop which involved a large number of diverse participants and, in 1987 it moved to Athens, where its interests broadened considerably to include a wide variety of different musical traditions from the Balkans, the Middle East and Asia. Ross Daly’s music has its roots in the music of Greece, Turkey, Transcaucasia, the Middle East and North India. He performs numerous concerts all over the world, playing with musicians coming from all corners of the world.

He played for the third time at the Theatre de la Ville, Paris in 2003, with Chemirani Trio. Djamchid Chemirani, the father, was born in Iran in 1942. He moved to France at the age of nineteen. He was initiated to the zarb by the Iranian great master Hossein Teherani. Djamchid Chemirani is considered one of the best players of the zarb.
His sons Keyvan and Bijan, who learnt the zarb from their father, first developed their own musical projects. Only recently have they decided to perform as a trio.

Ross Daly lyra, rabab, saz, tarhu
Djamchid Chemiran zarb
Keyvan Chemirani zarb, bender, udu
Bijan Chemirani zarb, daf, bender
Stelios Petrakis lyra, saz, kopuz, laouto
Pericles Papapetropoulos saz, laouto
Kelly Thoma lyra
Angelina Tkatcheva tsimbal (santur)

1. Earpigon, Jurjuna, Houdetsanes kontylies, Pentozalis
2. Synavgeia
3. Abacus
4. Makrinitsa

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