Armik - Rubia

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On Rubia Armik has written and produced twelve compositions in which sultry Caribbean and Latin rhythms meld with provocative old world melodies. The album is titled after a guitar created expressly for Armik by the revered luthier Pedro Maldonado. Nearly 3 years in the making, the guitar was constructed from a rare wood called rubia. So inspired by Maldonado's handiwork, Armik composed two tracks on the album in honor of the instrument and it's maker, Rubia and Maldonado.

I enjoyed the 'Rain Dancer' for nearly six months after I had received it from Amazon and then I ordered 'Gypsy Flame' that contained some wonderful tunes. My girlfriend knows I am a great fan of Armik and she ordered 'Rubia' for me as a present. It is the most wonderful present that I have received in my life. I have listening to 'Rubia' for more than three months now and I must say that although I thought 'Rain Dancer' was the album of the millennium and still do, 'Rubia' is very nearly its equal. The mastery of the flamenco guitar plus the incredible and immense talent for conjuring up tunes and melodies of unheard passion and warmth made 'Rubia' a joy forever for me. My most favourite tunes are: Rubia, Seduction, Moldanado, Escapade, Sapphire Dreams and Veil of Desire. But I think the jewel in the crown is undoubtedly 'Mi Amor.' It is a tour de force. The most romantic piece of guitar music that I have ever heard in my life. Underneath its soft rhythms you can feel an ocean of romance, love and longing rushing and gushing. The notes seem to plead with the modesty and fervor of a true lover and leave the listener spellbound and breathless. Personally, it reminds me of the sweetest person I know who gave this musical gift in the form of 'Rubia' to me. Hats off to Armik. I think it is only a matter of time when Armik will become a household name all over the world. Keep up the good work, Armik. In a world where music seems to mean mindless noise and non-sensical lyrics, you stand tall and way above the rest. Thank you to Amazon for bringing me these timeless classics of Armik's albums that were not available to me in my country, but not for long, I hope. I insist that everyone who thinks he or she enjoys good music should go for 'Rubia' without any second thoughts. Or else they could miss out on something they could cherish forever.

01. Rubia 5:14
02. Seduction 5:06
03. Maldonado 4:59
04. Mi Amor 4:56
05. Escapade 4:34
06. Sapphire Dreams 4:49
07. Miracles 4:52
08. Romantic Whispers 4:59
09. Veil Of Desire 5:09
10. Seychelles 3:22
11. Torreros 4:56
12. Follow Me

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