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(International Mine Singing Festival. Anthology) (5 CD Box)

"The Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas (International Mine Singing Festival) and the RTVE Música record label have maintained a regular and close cooperation, editing an anthological resumé which now, after a period spent recovering material and freeing documents which are of special interest from oblivion, have finally and joyfully resulted in the set that you are receiving from us. As you will have noticed, it is a series in which there is space for a valuable catalogue of flamenco styles sung by the voices of prestigious artists who belong to different eras, and who have taken part in this festival over its successive editions." José María Velázquez-Gaztelu.

Festival Nacional de Cante de las Minas. Antología Vol.1

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The Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas (International Mine Singing Festival) celebrates its 40th birthday. RTVE-Música, in cooperation with the La Unión town council and the Caja de Ahorros de Murcia, will commemorate the anniversary with this Anthology that is imprescindible in the record collection of any true enthusiast. It is a CD that features mine and Andalusian cantes (styles), in a word, flamenco. The purest forms of cante jondo ( an expression used to refer to the deepest and purest forms of flamenco) performed in the Festival, from Eleuterio Andreu to Curro Piñana, including Antonio Piñana, Pencho Cros, Luis de Córdoba and Encarnación Fernández, among others.

Festival Nacional de Cante de las Minas. Antología Vol.2

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In this, the second record in the collection, we can find some juicy examples of the copla minera (mining copla, a form of traditional popular singing) sung by the voices of the master Juan Valderrama, Curro Piñana and Miguel Poveda, but also, as it is an anthology, we are given the opportunity to undertake a thorough journey through the most varied selection of flamenco formulas that have been performed over the years in the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas. These are samples which, in many instances, are veritable historical documents that are irrepeatable, like the serrana by Manuel Ávila, the soleá and alegrías by Fosforito and the jabera by Curro de Utrera.

Festival Nacional de Cante de las Minas. Antología Vol.3

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A splendid selection from the festival, that spans the period from 1967 to 1993. It collects some wonderful displays of cantes mineros (mine styles) like the cartageneras by Carmen Linares and Manolo Romero, the taranta by Joselete de Linares and the minera by Encarnación Fernández, as well as different styles like the malagueña of Bernardo el de los Lobitos with Antonio Piñana's guitar playing, and the brilliant performances by Ginesa Ortega, Rogelio Beltrán El Puebla and Miguel Poveda, without forgetting about the brilliant tarantas and alegrías by Niño de Pura, in recordings from 1984 - when he was 18 years old - with which he won the First Prize for Guitar Playing in the Festival del Cante de las Minas.

Festival Nacional de Cante de las Minas. Antología Vol.4

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This fourth volume includes a wide range of flamenco palos (forms). It features the voices of Miguel Poveda, Luis de Córdoba, Manuel Ávila, Manuel Infante 'Manolo Fregenal', Alfonso Paredes 'Niño Alfonso', Carmen Linares, Enrique Orozco, Diego el Cigala, Antonio Ayala 'El Rampa', Rocío Segura, Manuel Cuevas, Ginesa Ortega and Manuel Celestino Cobos 'Cobitos'. It also features some splendid guitarists who took their guitar playing to the competition in La Unión, such as Daniel Navarro 'Niño de Pura' and José Antonio Rodríguez. It is a CD that has the necessary elements and quality features to satisfy true flamenco enthusiasts.

Festival Nacional de Cante de las Minas. Antología Vol.5

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The fifth volume of this anthology which retrieves the best singers and guitarists who have passed through the stage of the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas. Radio Television Espanola (RTVE, Spain’s public broadcasting company) and the Festival embarked upon this joint venture some years ago to promote the survival, strengthening and divulging of the cantes mineros (mine singing) and of a flamenco contest that has already acquired worldwide recognition and prestige.

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