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This CD presents the Japanese court music called gagaku. This very particular type of music came to Japan from China and Korea, between the fifth and the ninth centuries. Today, the orchestra is mainly composed of percussions, koto, shinobue (a small bamboo transverse flute), sho (a mouth organ), and hichiriki (a double-reed type of oboe). At the beginning, the first version of the shakuhachi was part of the orchestra, as well as singers. After its introduction, it was adapted to suit the Japanese spirit of the time. Pieces were composed for the ensemble, influenced by the indigenous music of the time. Some ethnomusicologists have been suggesting that this music is performed almost exactly as it was a thousand years ago, making it somehow the longest untouched musical tradition in the world. Since its beginning, gagaku has been performed almost exclusively at the imperial court, and on very rare occasions outside it. This is still pretty much the case today. There still exists only two or three gagaku orchestras in Japan today, the main one being the Emperor one. A fascinating out-of-the-ordinary music! ~ Bruno DeschĂȘnes, All Music Guide

Tokyo Gakuso formed in 1978 to preserve and advance gagaku, the oldest of Japan's performing arts, dating back over a thousand years. Since its inception, Tokyo Gakuso has performed many new compositions along with pieces from the classical repertoire that have been rarely heard. Founding music director Tadamaro Ono led the group until his death in 1994, when his nephew, Tadaaki Ono, succeeded him. Celestial Harmonies released an album by Tokyo Gakuso in 2002 -- Gaguku: Gems From Foreign Lands -- which followed an earlier release, Gagaku & Beyond (2000). ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide

(01). [Tokyo Gakuso] Manzairaku 1 Derute (Togaku)
(02). [Tokyo Gakuso] Manzairaku 2 Tokyoku (Togaku)
(03). [Tokyo Gakuso] Manzairaku 3 Irite (Togaku)
(04). [Tokyo Gakuso] Ranryoo (King of Lanling) 1 Ko Ranjo (Togaku)
(05). [Tokyo Gakuso] Ranryoo (King of Lanling) 2 Ryo Ou Ranjo (Togaku)
(06). [Tokyo Gakuso] Ranryoo (King of Lanling) 3 Sadacho Netori (Togaku)
(07). [Tokyo Gakuso] Ranryoo (King of Lanling) 4 Tokyoku (Togaku)
(08). [Tokyo Gakuso] Nasori 1 Koma Ko Ranjo (Komagaku)
(09). [Tokyo Gakuso] Nasori 2 Tokyoku Ha (Komagaku)
(10). [Tokyo Gakuso] Nasori 3 Tokyoku Kyu (Komagaku)

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