Simon Shaheen - Turath Masterworks Of The Middle East

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"...Simon Shaheen is a virtuoso and master of traditional Arab music...a solid introduction to a centuries-old classical tradition..."
Really outstanding Arabic classical recordings are rare. Shaheen is an outstanding ud-player and violinist who has suddenly drawn some notice after years of quiet excellence. In Turath he is joined by fine nay, qanun and percussion in a recital of classic and contemporary works in the linked Arabic and Ottoman-Turkish tradition. ~ John Storm Roberts, Original Music, All Music Guide

Simon Shaheen is wonderful, and this is a great CD. I've been listening to it since high school (when it was originally released by CMP), and I'm now just short of twenty-nine. My favorite track, and really one of my favorite songs, is the uber-catchy "Longa Farahfaza." The addition of the bass oud really propels the song and gives it some funky oumph (pun intended). The tempos on the other songs tend to be slower, but the track I mentioned and the longer riqq/oud duet on the next track are well worth the price of the album. It's very seldom you'll hear this kind of repertoire with such high production values. If you enjoy this, I also recommend Mr. Shaheen's album devoted to the music of Mohammed Abdel Wohab. It rocks. It really really rocks. Fun-Fact: Dead Can Dance, the leading fake world music purveyors of the 80s and 90s, sample that one for the closing credits of their "Toward the Within" concert film.

(01). Bashraf Farahfaza
(02). Sama'I Farahfaza
(03). Taqasim On Violin
(04). Longa Farahfaza
(05). Taqasim On The Beat
(06). Sama'i Nahawand
(07). Tahmilah Suznak
(08). Sama'i Nahawand
(09). Bashraf Kurd
(10). Taqasim On Nay
(11). Sama'I Kurd

Simon Shaheen (oud, violin).

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