Crete: Psarantonis and Ensemble (Son of Psiloritis)

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Psarantonis and Ensemble (Georgis Xylouris on 12-stringed laouto and Achilleas Perisides on the 8-stringed lauoto) create a dazzling interpretation of Cretan music. Each note reminds the listener of the ancient music of Byzantium. The pentatonic scale and unique harmonics hold the listener spell-bound and transfixed as if suspended in time. Most spectacular is the lyra which occasionally sounds soft, sometimes strong and loud as it crescendos and decrescendos with different playing techniques. At times the lyra almost sings each note, other times the instrument whispers or explodes with exuberance and energy. There are trills, vibratos and pizzicato variations. This whole CD is a unique extravaganza of creativity and technical expertise. It is a joy to hear. Psarantonis voice is clear, crisp and sensual. He can also sound raw and earthy with a hint of the untamed, just like the Psiloritis mountains in Crete. Keep in mind, when ordering this CD from it is a "special order". This means it might take longer than usual to arrive. However, it is well worth the wait. Erika Borsos

"Psarantonis represents the higher gate of the Orphic secret scale, despite the fact that, according to all meaningless and insignificant modern "lyrical poets" whose labour is centred on the trivial and superficial embellishment of a cheap reproduction of the past, his scale is rather limited. Psarantonis' superb poetic value will henceforth deprive them of any chance of survival for the sake of posterity" by Yiannis Spyropoulos. "Once you meet a cretan lad you're overwhelmed by joy,lass, you wish it not and yet you smile without knowing why". MY gongratulations to for adding this superb record in the lists...And my gontratulation to who ever buy this one and others records of Psarantonis... And I suggest to all to come and visit Crete to saw him performing live in Crete Island, its fantastic

For those who are familiar both with the American music and the music from the wonderfull Mediterranean island of Crete the parallelism of Psarantonis and Bob Dylan is unavoidable. While deeply traditional, Psarantonis improvizes like nobody else. He is the brother of Nikos Xilouris (also called Psaronikos), the "nightingale of contemporary Greek music" who died of cancer at a young age. Psarantonis though has his own UNIQUE style, he is different both from his brother and from any other Cretan musician. This record of his adds to Psarantonis' fame as one of the most important modern traditional eastern Mediterranean musicians. This record is a "MUST" for all afficionados of this type of music. Congratulations to for including this record in its collection. Very enthousiastically, I recommend it to everyone!!!
Nikos Lassithiotis, Ph.D.

01. Petres peto tou fengariou (Throwing Stones at the Moon)

02. Ta koulourakia (The Tresses)

03. Agrimia ki agrimakia mou (Wild Mountain Goats)

04. Mikro kopelidaki mou (My Sweetheart)

05. Ene pouli icha sto klouvi (My Bird Has Fled His Cage): Ena pouli icha sto klouvi (My Bird Has Fled His Cage)

06. Mia perdika (A Partridge)

07. Syrtos

08. Mana poly malonis me (Mother, Stop Picking on Me)

09. Oso varoun ta sidera (Heavier than Iron)

10. Is ta Chania ein' ena nero (The Fountain of Chania)

11. Erotokritos

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