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Luís Delgado
As-Sirr (Nube Negra, Spain)
This exploration by noted musician and scholar Luís Delgado centers on the medieval muwaxahas: a poetic form originating in Al-Andalus, which within a short time extended all over the medieval world.

The new adventure of Luis Delgado centers on medieval music that led him to the muwaxahas: a poetic form originating in Al-Andalus, which within a short time extended all over the medieval world. A poetry that influenced not only Arabic-speaking poets but also German Minnesingers, Troubadours Occitains, the Cantigas of King Alfonso X and the Franciscan Jacopone da Toddi in the XIVth century.
The muwaxahas on this album present a very particular characteristic: they are written in different languages. The poems close with a verse called “jarcha” that sometimes shows certain similarities in different muwaxahas as well as specific popular elements; frequently interpreted by women.

Until today hundreds of investigations concerning the muwaxahas have been published; but there are only a few which followed the way back to their original environment: the music. And although “jarchas” have been used in a handful of compositions, until today no musician has interpreted a complete muwaxaha.

Once again Luis Delgado decided on a Moroccan singer, his habitual collaborator Mohamed Seghini el Arabi, who for the first time should give voice to these poems. While listening to the CD and crossing the soundscapes of the ancient Moslem Spain resounds the echo of the jarcha: “Ya mamma, mew el habibe, bais e no mas tornarade.”

On the album we will find five muwaxahas with their correponding jarchas, whose lyrics trace back to Spanish poets from the XIth to the XIVth century. The music composed by Luis Delgado follows the aesthetic structure of Al-Andalus. The album includes two instrumentals as well as two songs based in the traditional Al-Andalus Moroccan repertoire. The booklet contains detailed information that give the listener an insight into the historic context.

El Jazminero
Albo Diya
Asa Sanarey
¡Ya Corazón!
El Tesoro de Fustat
Duna Luminosa
El Increíble Viaje de
Luís Delgado: oud califal, oud oriental, laud español, guitarra ebow, bandurria, cumbuç, guimbri, saz, santur sampler, suissen, teclados, mellotron, dohola, darbuka, tar, bendhir y karakebs
Mohamed Serghini el Arabí: voz, alto aldalusí, darbuka, tarija y tar andalusí,
María Luisa García Sánchez: voz
Yammal Eddine ben Allal : violín y oud oriental
Jaime Muñoz: kaval, murali, axabeba, clarinete y bansuri
César Carazo: viola de brazo y coros
Cuco Pérez: piano
Javier Bergia: darbuka solista

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