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Necati Celik is the foremost improviser and performer of the classical music of Turkey. He lives, teaches and performs in Istanbul and gives concerts in Europe, North Africa and US. He is a member of the famed Istanbul Municipality Classical Turkish Music Ensenble.

Necati Celik is Turkey's most renowned living oud player. His presentation is intense and precise. This compilation was our first introduction to traditional oud playing, and the CD has become a permanent addition to our classical music shelves. Play time is about 72 minutes.
Our acquisition of Master Celik's disc was the result of a targeted search for pure oud music. We had already obtained a disc of oud playing by Farid Al-Atrash, the Lebanese actor-singer-oud player. We were stunned by the intensity of sound and melody the oud can deliver when handled by the right performer. Devoid of orchestrations or vocals - THAT is the way to hear the oud.
Lastly, the oud is the ancient precursor of the classical guitar, and since our shelves were overloaded with the guitar greats, our effort to hear the ancestral sound and melodies has paid off very well. We don't know why we overlooked this instrument and its masters as essential hearing. It is quite an education.

01. Taksim
02. Muhayyer Sazsemaisi
03. Huseyni Cecen Kizi
04. Taksim
05. Sadaraban Pesrev
06. Sadaraban Sazsemaisi
07. Nihavend Sazsemaisi
08. Nikriz Sirto
09. Hicaz Taksim
10. Hicaz Pesrevi
11. Hicaz Sazsemaisi
12. Hicaz Mandira
13. Taksim
14. Sultan-i Yegah Sirto
15. Uzzal Nakis Yuruksemai

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