Cesaria Evora - Mae Carinhosa

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After the terrible loss of this wonderful singer, is great to know that she left many songs recorded. Is weird but I have to say that this is maybe her best album ever. Her voice always sweet and powerfull and the selection starting with the sad and encouraging "Sentimento" will make you fly away to a bar in Mindelo and you will not stop listening and enjoying deep in your soul the best of the music from Cabo Verde. I wish there is more to be released...

You will love it if you love Cesaria. Songs are as smooth as they can be. Went to the top of my favorites list

01. Sentimento

02. Tchon De Franca

03. Mãe Carinhosa

04. Dor Di Sodade

05. Talvez

06. Dos Palavras

07. Essencia D'Vida

08. Quem Tem Odio

09. Caboverdiano D'Angola

10. Emigue Ingrote

11. Esperanca

12. Cme Catchor

13. Nos Cabo Verde

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Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal - Chamber Music

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Chamber Music is a collaboration between Ballake Sissoko, who plays the traditional kora, a lute-harp from Mali, and Vincent Segal, the French cellist who plays for the trip-hop band Bumcello. It is also, quite simply, one of the most elegant and beautiful recordings of world music in recent years. At a time when cross-cultural music has tended toward highly-caffeinated electric pop and dance music, Sissoke and Segal remind us that there is room and maybe even a need for a quieter, more refined world music. Both musicians have displayed an aptitude for defying expectations the list of trip-hop cellists is pretty short, after all. And Ballake Sissoko has become a familiar name on the world music scene through his work with American blues legend Taj Mahal and Italian minimalist Ludovico Einaudi, among others. But perhaps the combination of kora and cello works so well because there are no expectations for it. The collaboration grew out of a personal friendship, and at no point was there an attempt to produce a record that would be slick and hip and commercial. Yet it has become one of Europe's most buzzed-about worldmusic recordings in the past year. Chamber Music was recorded in the Moffou Studio, founded by the great Malian singer Salif Keita to provide a world-class environment for musicians wishing to record acoustic, perhaps even authentic,African music. (Keita's own acoustic album, Moffou, was recorded there.) The cello, of course, is not a traditional African instrument. But Chamber Music, in its depth of feeling and variety of moods, is authentically African. The kora may not appear in the duos, trios, or quartets of Beethoven, Schumann, or Brahms; but the obvious musical and personal connection between Ballake Sissoko and Vincent Segal also marks this as an authentic, if original, type of chamber music.

This collaboration speaks volumes about how artists can find common ground from separate cultures and the world can benefit. This work draws exclusively from the African compositions but the cello is presented in a way that is both totally consistent with the African melodies yet with its own voice. For example, in Mako Mady the two instruments complement each other in notation and tonal qualities. They and the performers all just seem perfectly matched. Other cuts make for more disparate interaction, but still complementing each other perfectly. And the performers play as though they had been together for years, certainly a tribute to their own musical insights and skills. This may simply be the most appealing "fusion" music undertaking in the last decade, whether in "world" music or elsewhere. One can only hope that these marvelously sensitive artists continue their collaboration.

1. Chamber Music
2. Oscarine
3. Houdesti
4. Wo Yé N'gnougobine
5. Histoire de Molly
6. "Ma-Ma" FC
7. Regret - à Kader Barry
8. Halinkata Djoubé
9. Future
10. Mako Mady

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Azam Ali - Portals of Grace

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Every once in a while, a piece of unexpected beauty comes along. This album by the singer from Vas is just such a thing, mixing Sephardic and Arabic songs with medieval songs from France, Galicia, and beyond. While the idea might sound pretentious, the end product is delicate, heartfelt, and enduring. It could easily have fallen into the new age trap (and the atmospheric keyboard that opens "La Serena" seems to flirt briefly with it), but the playing and singing here are too real and emotional. Nor does it come close to Loreena McKennitt's fake Celtic; this is very carefully researched and thought-out. Ali has a gorgeous voice, the justifiable centerpiece of the record, but partner Greg Ellis offers strong, subtle support and the oud playing of Naser Musa is an eloquent joy throughout. Made for love -- no one is going to call this material wildly commercial -- it's a disc to return to time and again. A joy that manages to be both spiritual and earthy at the same time.

1. Lasse Pour Quoi
2. La Serena
3. Breton Medley
4. O Felix
5. Ben Pode Santa Maria
6. O Quanta Qualia
7. Sackpipslät
8. Aj Ondas
9. A Chantar M'er
10. Inna-I-Malak
11. El Rey De Francia

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Azam Ali - From Night to the Edge of Day

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"Ali makes music seem so effortless, so much so that it's becoming harder and harder to distinguish between her person and the music that she creates. Another beauty from a woman fully deserving of that adjective." -- Derek Beres reviewing From Night To the Edge of Day in The Huffington Post

From Night to the Edge of Day is the latest effort by Persian singer/songwriter Azam Ali who is well known for her work with Niyaz and Vas as well as a solo artist. From Night to the Edge of Day is a collection of Turkish lullabies some of which were written specifically for Azama and her son. The music is exquisite with its gentle acoustic melodies and Azam's hynoptic vocals. The music has a nice calming effect on me after a long day at the office

1. Noor (The Light In My Eyes)
2. Dandini
3. Nami Nami
4. Neni Desem
5. Shrin
6. Mehman (The Guest)
7. Faith
8. Tenderness
9. Lai Lai
10. Faith (Reprise)

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Jardin de Al-Andalus

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Eduardo Paniagua, Wafir Sheik, Jamila Ghalmi, Luis Delgado ‎–
Jardín De Al-Andalus.
Música Arabigo-Andaluza De La Sevilla Medieval

01. Las Noches Del Encuentro 4:01
02. Consoladme 2:40
03. ¡Consoladme Niñas Al Alba! 5:01
04. El Nacimiento Del Profeta 6:28
05. Beyati 2:09
06. Bashraf Samaï Asba'ayn 6:01
07. ¡Eh Chicas! Mi Corazón Emocionado Y Dolorido 6:20
08. Traje Verde De Washy 2:55
09. Me Visitó Mi Amado 5:40
10. La Chica Soltera 2:44
11. Bashraf Samaï Síka 6:33
12. El Alba 2:46
13. Nana Andalusí 2:57
14. Despedidme 2:47

Composed By – Malúf* (tracks: 6, 11), Traditional (tracks: 1 to 5, 8, 10, 13, 14), Unknown Artist (tracks: 7, 9, 12)
Ensemble – Música Antigua - Eduardo Paniagua*
Laúd, Viola, Goblet Drum [Darbuga], Tar (Drum) – Wafir Sheik
Ney, Flute, Bendir, Pandeiro, Tar (Drum), Gong, Cymbal – Eduardo Paniagua
Percussion [Cantaro], Percussion [Naqarat], Goblet Drum [Darbuga], Pandeiro, Tar (Drum) – Luis Delgado
Vocals – Jamíla Ghalmí

192 kbps including Covers


Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Ecstacy

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When Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan died at 49 in 1997 of renal failure, music lovers the world over mourned his untimely passing. The rotund, merry-faced Pakistani tenor had brought the joyous sound of qawwali, a Sufi (Islamic mystic) devotional tradition, intact and unadulterated to international audiences. Khan was descended from six generations of qawwals and, like his predecessors, he applied memorized religious texts and poems to intricate, improvised musical themes. Flanked by his party (accompanying musicians) on harmonium, hand claps, backup vocals, and tabla drums, Khan's exquisite, preternaturally flexible voice turned repetitive phrases and even nonsense syllables into trance-inducing incantations and audiences into dancing, raving, sobbing ecstatics. Even more astonishing, he could praise Allah while working with Western styles and musicians without losing an iota of his power or integrity. His bhangra-flavored experiments with Bally Sagoo are legendary, as are his collaborations with Michael Brook (Night Song), Peter Gabriel (Passion, the soundtrack for Last Temptation of Christ), and Eddie Vedder ("Long Road" from the Dead Man Walking soundtrack). His output was enormous; tapes of literally hundreds of his concerts are still in circulation. A mid-priced collection of traditional live tracks, Ecstasy is a good place to begin an exploration of his legacy. It features five long and fairly representative pieces, all of which display Khan's effortless technical aplomb and jubilant energy. Jameela Siddiqi, who produced the compilation, hosted the BBC's radio series Songs of the Sufi Mystics, which included Khan's last interview with a British journalist. Siddiqi also contributed to the Rough Guide to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and wrote the excellent liner notes.

1. Ecstacy
2. By The Candle Light
3. Magic Touch
4. Heart Of Gold
5. Love Comes At Home
6. Jewel
7. Prayer To Allah
8. Star Crossed

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Trio Chemirani - Qalam Kar

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The trio Chemirani brought the zarb drum to the forefront of contemporary Persian classical music.
Djamchid Chemirani is considered to be one of masters Teherani's most gifted sutdents. When he moved to paris in 1961, he became the most active advocate for the Zarb outisde of Iran. Djmachid students are no other than his two sons, Keyvan and Bijan, two percussionists who have been in high demand for several years now. And so the Chemiranis trio was born in 1988, like nothing ever seen in the West.

(01). Geisha Djan
(02). Chabnam ya tainz (Rosee du Martin)
(03). Le Retour de Molla Nasr'din
(04). Agar tche (Quoi Que)
(05). Qalam Kar
(06). Tom! Bac! and stay
(07). Komak
(08). Reng e Zamburak (danse de la guimbarde)
(09). Goftegou (Conversation)
(10). Bibi Khan
(11). Gerefte (Pris)
(12). Djam Djan
(13). Vaade Kardi (Tu as Promis)

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Crete: Psarantonis and Ensemble (Son of Psiloritis)

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Psarantonis and Ensemble (Georgis Xylouris on 12-stringed laouto and Achilleas Perisides on the 8-stringed lauoto) create a dazzling interpretation of Cretan music. Each note reminds the listener of the ancient music of Byzantium. The pentatonic scale and unique harmonics hold the listener spell-bound and transfixed as if suspended in time. Most spectacular is the lyra which occasionally sounds soft, sometimes strong and loud as it crescendos and decrescendos with different playing techniques. At times the lyra almost sings each note, other times the instrument whispers or explodes with exuberance and energy. There are trills, vibratos and pizzicato variations. This whole CD is a unique extravaganza of creativity and technical expertise. It is a joy to hear. Psarantonis voice is clear, crisp and sensual. He can also sound raw and earthy with a hint of the untamed, just like the Psiloritis mountains in Crete. Keep in mind, when ordering this CD from amazon.com it is a "special order". This means it might take longer than usual to arrive. However, it is well worth the wait. Erika Borsos

"Psarantonis represents the higher gate of the Orphic secret scale, despite the fact that, according to all meaningless and insignificant modern "lyrical poets" whose labour is centred on the trivial and superficial embellishment of a cheap reproduction of the past, his scale is rather limited. Psarantonis' superb poetic value will henceforth deprive them of any chance of survival for the sake of posterity" by Yiannis Spyropoulos. "Once you meet a cretan lad you're overwhelmed by joy,lass, you wish it not and yet you smile without knowing why". MY gongratulations to Amazon.com for adding this superb record in the lists...And my gontratulation to who ever buy this one and others records of Psarantonis... And I suggest to all to come and visit Crete to saw him performing live in Crete Island, its fantastic

For those who are familiar both with the American music and the music from the wonderfull Mediterranean island of Crete the parallelism of Psarantonis and Bob Dylan is unavoidable. While deeply traditional, Psarantonis improvizes like nobody else. He is the brother of Nikos Xilouris (also called Psaronikos), the "nightingale of contemporary Greek music" who died of cancer at a young age. Psarantonis though has his own UNIQUE style, he is different both from his brother and from any other Cretan musician. This record of his adds to Psarantonis' fame as one of the most important modern traditional eastern Mediterranean musicians. This record is a "MUST" for all afficionados of this type of music. Congratulations to Amazon.com for including this record in its collection. Very enthousiastically, I recommend it to everyone!!!
Nikos Lassithiotis, Ph.D.

01. Petres peto tou fengariou (Throwing Stones at the Moon)

02. Ta koulourakia (The Tresses)

03. Agrimia ki agrimakia mou (Wild Mountain Goats)

04. Mikro kopelidaki mou (My Sweetheart)

05. Ene pouli icha sto klouvi (My Bird Has Fled His Cage): Ena pouli icha sto klouvi (My Bird Has Fled His Cage)

06. Mia perdika (A Partridge)

07. Syrtos

08. Mana poly malonis me (Mother, Stop Picking on Me)

09. Oso varoun ta sidera (Heavier than Iron)

10. Is ta Chania ein' ena nero (The Fountain of Chania)

11. Erotokritos

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Sufi Music of Turkey

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Sufi Music of Turkey
Kudsi Erguner & Suleyman Erguner
This is a powerful recording of Middle Eastern music. Kudsi plays nay with Mahmoud Tabrizi Zadeh adding the scintillating sounds of the santur (a type of hammer dulcimer) and the sensual melodies of the kemantche (a bowed string instrument). Bruno Caillat also plays zarb and tabla.

1. Tales From The Ney
2. Semai
3. Zikr
4. Prelude of Ceremony
5. Voyager
6. Balade
7. Aksak Semai
8. Wordless Prayer

Ney – Suleyman Erguner
Ney, Percussion [Frame Drum] – Kudsi Erguner
Ole Henrik Moe - Tre Persefone violin

Recorded at Ztudio Zerkall, Germany, July 1990

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Kali City (feat. Le Trio Joubran) - Kali City

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Karim Baggili has dreamt of Kali City, his latest release, for a long time. With this album the Belgian musician, of Jordanian - Yougoslav origins, puts down his guitar and picks up his oud. A lute inseparable from an Arabic music that the artist has always carried in his heart and to which he pays a homage whose secret he has. As he summarises "It rocks me, it pierces me, I adore it".

During the course of two parts, the first with Trio Joubran and the second surrounded by his "Arabic Band" with its traditional instruments (kawala, ud darbuka), Karim Baggili invites us on a journey to the east and this Jordan of which he keeps so many memories.

Karim Baggili's 'Kali City' is a journey of two parts - the first featuring the acclaimed Trio Joubran, while in the second Baggili is surrounded by his 'Arabic Band' and their traditional instruments - kawala, oud darbuka. Visit the sounds of Jordan, a treasure trove of Baggili's memories.

Without simply offering traditional airs, he opens the door to modern and offbeat compositions, taking inspiration from what makes up his identity, adding his personal touches in order to finally recall that music can and must sometimes go beyond frontiers to provide other sensations and open horizons.

01. Down Town (feat. Le Trio Joubran)

02. Ella & Jad (feat. Le Trio Joubran)

03. Dawn at Sea (feat. Le Trio Joubran)

04. Big Fish (feat. Le Trio Joubran)

05. Silent Stories (feat. Le Trio Joubran)

06. Fly to

07. Kali City

08. Toummaï

09. Arabic Circus

10. Kalimaat

11. Nuit Obelaetis

12. La Tinsini

13. Amar

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Mamani Keita - Kanou

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Mamani Keïta, one of the leading vocalists of Mali has a new album titled Kanou (World Village) scheduled for release February 11, 2014. Kanou means ‘to love’ in her native Bambara. The album features self-penned songs.
In the title song, Mamani Keita sings about loving your partner “more than silver and gold”. She conveys her support to the children of the Earth on “Dougalé” and an ode to hope on “Djigihia”. Mamani Keïia cites the figures and mentors who have directed her through music and through life on “Deliko” and challenges the world’s leaders to carry out their responsibilities in “Anissu”and “Dounia”.

Mamani Keita has collaborated with Dee Dee Bridgewater, Hank Jones, Eric Legnini, Tama, Check Titiane Seck, and others. After Electro Bamako (2002) devised with Marc Minelli, Yelema (2006) and Gagner l’argent français (2011), both produced with Nicolas Repac, Keita leaves the electronic, jazz and rock arrangements, allowing her vocals to interweave with the the ngoni of virtuoso Moriba Koita and the guitar of Djeli Moussa Kouyaté of Bamako Rail Band fame.

01. Djalal Kibali
02. Kanou
03. Demissenou
04. Fanatan
05. Dougale
06. Dounia
07. Djigihia
08. Anissu
09. Deliko
10. Mogobaou
11. Marie Massa

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Samba Diabate & Vincent Zanetti - Kala Jula

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Kala Jula brings together two multi-instrumental masters of Manding music - Swiss percussionist/guitarist Vincent Zanetti and Malian guitarist/ngoni player Samba Diabaté for a wide range of mostly acoustic instrumentals in a West African style.

Vincent has been studying and recording Manding music for decades, helping set up an cultural institute in Mali. He and Samba groove together effortlessly and relaxedly and Jean-Phillipe Zwalhlen adds ambient electric guitar textures on most tracks. In Malinke, the word kala refers both to a hunter's bow and to the handle of a tool, which could be the neck of a lute or a drumstick or mallet. Jula is the name for a man who travels abroad to fulfil his destiny. Originally, Kala Jula referred to the traditional Manding hunters whose campaigns took them far away for a long time. So, by extension, the album is dedicated to and named after 'people brave enough to leave the beaten track, cross cultural borders and open themselves to others.'

Partial lyrics:

Nothing gets me right like your eyes
In the evenings when i do pour myself a drink to you with shaky eyes

The man down the street don’t believe me
Says I should start a loser’s movie,
I could swing from tree to tree
In the Jungles of your heart and i
Plan on sleepin late
Can’t sound dumb so I don’t take
I’m closer than freedom behind bars (the earth is to Mars..moon is to a star)

I’ve been thinking about politics
It’s got my mind going tick tick tick
And i think of it so I don’t think of you
Sippin lemonade
I raise my glass to you and those times too

Partial lyrics:

Don’t be discouraged, don’t let the papers make you all depressed
Don’t feel rejected when someone tells you that you’re Second best
I wouldn’t worry, that won’t get you anywhere
Coz you’re living it up, lying around in your underwear

We all want answers, we want the secret to our happiness
Some say they’ve found it
More than likely its a second guess
They’re not so special, you can find those people anywhere
living it up, lying around in your underwear

it don’t do anything for me
the stuff it plays ain’t really hip these days but it gets me where I wanna be

Just bite the bullet, drink a bottle of cold hard facts,
No use pretending, I don’t think you’re gonna get her back

Sometimes i get hassled cos I look
At the supermarket in my cowboy hat someone wants to rearrange my face
I stay away from trouble because there’s so much of it about
I don’t comment it on my baggy pants with my underwear hangin out

Just keep on reachin for the stars shinin in your eyes
That’s what they tell you when they really should apologise
Not even NASA could even get a body up there

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Luis Delgado - As-Sirr

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Luís Delgado
As-Sirr (Nube Negra, Spain)
This exploration by noted musician and scholar Luís Delgado centers on the medieval muwaxahas: a poetic form originating in Al-Andalus, which within a short time extended all over the medieval world.

The new adventure of Luis Delgado centers on medieval music that led him to the muwaxahas: a poetic form originating in Al-Andalus, which within a short time extended all over the medieval world. A poetry that influenced not only Arabic-speaking poets but also German Minnesingers, Troubadours Occitains, the Cantigas of King Alfonso X and the Franciscan Jacopone da Toddi in the XIVth century.
The muwaxahas on this album present a very particular characteristic: they are written in different languages. The poems close with a verse called “jarcha” that sometimes shows certain similarities in different muwaxahas as well as specific popular elements; frequently interpreted by women.

Until today hundreds of investigations concerning the muwaxahas have been published; but there are only a few which followed the way back to their original environment: the music. And although “jarchas” have been used in a handful of compositions, until today no musician has interpreted a complete muwaxaha.

Once again Luis Delgado decided on a Moroccan singer, his habitual collaborator Mohamed Seghini el Arabi, who for the first time should give voice to these poems. While listening to the CD and crossing the soundscapes of the ancient Moslem Spain resounds the echo of the jarcha: “Ya mamma, mew el habibe, bais e no mas tornarade.”

On the album we will find five muwaxahas with their correponding jarchas, whose lyrics trace back to Spanish poets from the XIth to the XIVth century. The music composed by Luis Delgado follows the aesthetic structure of Al-Andalus. The album includes two instrumentals as well as two songs based in the traditional Al-Andalus Moroccan repertoire. The booklet contains detailed information that give the listener an insight into the historic context.

El Jazminero
Albo Diya
Asa Sanarey
¡Ya Corazón!
El Tesoro de Fustat
Duna Luminosa
El Increíble Viaje de
Luís Delgado: oud califal, oud oriental, laud español, guitarra ebow, bandurria, cumbuç, guimbri, saz, santur sampler, suissen, teclados, mellotron, dohola, darbuka, tar, bendhir y karakebs
Mohamed Serghini el Arabí: voz, alto aldalusí, darbuka, tarija y tar andalusí,
María Luisa García Sánchez: voz
Yammal Eddine ben Allal : violín y oud oriental
Jaime Muñoz: kaval, murali, axabeba, clarinete y bansuri
César Carazo: viola de brazo y coros
Cuco Pérez: piano
Javier Bergia: darbuka solista

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Tinariwen - Emmaar

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Challenging circumstances are nothing new to the Kel Tamashek (Tuareg) band Tinariwen. After all, most of their members had been Libyan military-trained rebel fighters engaged in active revolt against the Malian government before the Tamanrasset Accords in 1991. Beginning in 2012, real danger is ever present in northern Mali -- due to the incursion of Islamist militias -- for the Tuareg people and to musicians in particular. So much so, many, including Tinariwen, have fled the country. One of their members, Abdallah Ag Lamida, was even kidnapped, though he has since been released. Tinariwen was forced to exchange one desert -- the Sahara -- for another in Joshua Tree National Park in the United States in order to record Emmaar (without Ag Lamida, who was freed after recording began). Once more produced by Patrick Votan, the sound here retains its "desert blues" heart but is also more expansive -- there's no need for alarm, really. The traditional interlocking guitar interplay involves more drones as lead lines snake underneath them, and there is more reverb in this mix. All of the material was written by leader Ibrahim Ag Alhabib or his bandmembers. Exile, anger, and displacement populate the songs on Emmaar. Multi-instrumentalist Fats Kaplin adds his spiraling fiddle to "Imdiwanin Ahi Tifhamamone" and pedal steel to the militant opener "Toumast Tincha" (that also features guitar from Josh Klinghoffer and a spoken intro by Saul Williams), and the atmospheric dirge "Sendad Eghlalan." Percussionist Amar Chaoui helps out on the stinging "Chaghaybou" and five other tracks, adding a sense of more dynamic urgency to balance the more drone-centric approach. "Emajer," with guest guitarist Matt Sweeney, is a different tack for Tinariwen. Its vibe is more American Southwest (which isn't so strange since this is a nomadic band after all). But Ag Alhabib's lyric and melody are pure African folk song, reflecting loss and longing, as the rolling percussion, voices, and guitars wind around one in multiple melodies underscoring the emotion. The interwoven acoustic guitars on closer "Aghregh Medin (Hassan's Song)" offer a staggered minor-key blues. They highlight the disillusionment in the lyric "... I no longer believe in unity/I will only believe in it again if/Those opinions serve a common ideal/That of the people from which they emanate." The different textures and timbres at work on Emmaar reveal Tinariwen's evolution; one derived from the need to grow musically, as well as respond to adversity with creativity.

1. Toumast Tincha
Eyadou Ag Leche

2. Chaghaybou
Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni

3. Arhegh Danagh
Ibrahim Ag Alhabib

4. Timadrit in Sahara
Ibrahim Ag Alhabib

5. Imidiwan Ahi Sigdim
Ibrahim Ag Alhabib

6. Tahalamot
Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni

7. Sendad Eghlalan
Ibrahim Ag Alhabib

8. Imdiwanin Ahi Tifhamam
Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni

9. Koud Edhaz Emin
Ibrahim Ag Alhabib

10. Emajer
Ibrahim Ag Alhabib

11. Aghregh Medin (Hassan's Song)
Hassan Ag Touhami

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Luz De La Mediterrania

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Eduardo Paniagua Ensemble,
Ensemble Tre Fontane,
El Arabí Serghini ‎–
Luz De La Mediterrania
01. Muitas Vegadas O Dem' Enganados...
Composed By – Alphonse X le sage*

02. Si Us Quèr Conselh, Bèla Amia Alamanda...
Composed By – Guiraud de Bornelh*

03. Consirós Cant E Planc E Plor...
Composed By – Guilhem de Berguedan

04. Sobelos Fondos Do Mar...
Composed By – Alphonse X le sage*

05. Tres Enemies E Dos Mals Senhors Ai...
Composed By – Uc de Saint-Cirq

Nûba 'Ushshaq (Nuba Des Amants)
06 - 09. Mîzân Bsît 9:36
10 - 13. Mîzân Qâ'im Wa-nisf 7:59
14 -18. Mîzân Btâyhî 12:02

19. Oi! Altas Undas Que Venetz Sus La Mar...
Composed By – Raimbaut de Vaqueiras

Flute, Chalumeau, Vocals – Maurice Moncozet
Flute, Psaltery [Quanun], Vocals – Eduardo Paniagua
Hurdy Gurdy – Pascal Lefeuvre
Lute – Thomas Bienabe
Lute [Andalusi], Bendir, Percussion – Luis Delgado
Vielle – Cesar Carazo
Violin, Goblet Drum [Derbouka], Tar (drum) – El Arabí Serghini Mohammed*
Vocals – Cesar Carazo (tracks: 1, 2, 3), Hermine Huguenel* (tracks: 2, 3, 5, 19), El Arabí Serghini Mohammed* (tracks: 3, 4, 6, 19), Paula Vega (tracks: 3, 4)

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Calamus - Medieval Women's Songs

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Musica Arabico-Andaluza
01. Touchiya Quaim Ua Nisf 1:20
02. Sana' Basit 2:43
03. Tawachi Qudam 3:04
04. Sana' Darj
05. Mchalia 2:10
06. Sana' 2:40
07. Taqsim 3:17
08. Touchiya 3:45

Cantigas De Amigo De Martin Codax
09. Ondas Do Mar De Vigo 3:45
10. Mandad' El Comigo 3:34
11. Mia Yrmana Fremosa 2:00
12. Ay Deus 5:37
13. Quantas Sabedes 2:22
14. Eno Sagrado En Vigo 1:50
15. Ay, Ondas Que Eu Vin Veer 3:35

Bendir, Goblet Drum, Hurdy Gurdy, Psaltery, Strings [Tromba Marina], Liner Notes – Carlos Paniagua
Composed By – Maluf (tracks: 5 to 8), Martin Codax (tracks: 9 to 15), Nuba Rasd Ad Dhil (tracks: 1 to 4)
Laúd, Tar (drum), Bendir, Strings [Tromba Marina], Rebec, Vihuela, Percussion [Cantaro], Oud, Tambourine [Riq] – Luis Delgado
Psaltery, Vocals, Psaltery [Qanun], Pandeiro, Organ [Portative], Harp – Begoña Olavide
Tambora [Tarija], Ney, Rainstick, Tar (drum), Ocarina, Bells [Tinker Bell], Flute [Flautón], Tambora, Flute, Castanets, Timpani, Piccolo Flute, Liner Notes – Eduardo Paniagua
Tar (drum), Vocals, Kemenche, Rebec, Viola, Cymbal, Liner Notes – Rosa Olavide

192 kbps including full scans


Necati Çelik - Yasemin

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Necati Celik is the foremost improviser and performer of the classical music of Turkey. He lives, teaches and performs in Istanbul and gives concerts in Europe, North Africa and US. He is a member of the famed Istanbul Municipality Classical Turkish Music Ensenble.

Necati Celik is Turkey's most renowned living oud player. His presentation is intense and precise. This compilation was our first introduction to traditional oud playing, and the CD has become a permanent addition to our classical music shelves. Play time is about 72 minutes.
Our acquisition of Master Celik's disc was the result of a targeted search for pure oud music. We had already obtained a disc of oud playing by Farid Al-Atrash, the Lebanese actor-singer-oud player. We were stunned by the intensity of sound and melody the oud can deliver when handled by the right performer. Devoid of orchestrations or vocals - THAT is the way to hear the oud.
Lastly, the oud is the ancient precursor of the classical guitar, and since our shelves were overloaded with the guitar greats, our effort to hear the ancestral sound and melodies has paid off very well. We don't know why we overlooked this instrument and its masters as essential hearing. It is quite an education.

01. Taksim
02. Muhayyer Sazsemaisi
03. Huseyni Cecen Kizi
04. Taksim
05. Sadaraban Pesrev
06. Sadaraban Sazsemaisi
07. Nihavend Sazsemaisi
08. Nikriz Sirto
09. Hicaz Taksim
10. Hicaz Pesrevi
11. Hicaz Sazsemaisi
12. Hicaz Mandira
13. Taksim
14. Sultan-i Yegah Sirto
15. Uzzal Nakis Yuruksemai

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Azam Ali - Elysium for the Brave

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In a career which spans over a decade and includes eight collaborative and solo albums, Azam Ali has confirmed her place as one of the most prolific, versatile, and gifted singers in the world music scene today. Looking at her entire body of work, it is hard to deny Azam her rightful place among the best singers and composers in music today. Azam's immense talent and ability to adapt her voice to any musical style have drawn the attention of many diverse artists and film composers. Azam collaborated in the studio and on stage with numerous artists like Serj Tankian of System of a Down, The Crystal Method, Pat Mastellato and Trey Gunn of King Crimson, Dredg, Chris Vrenna formerly of Nine Inch Nails, Ben Watkins of Juno Reactor, Buckethead, Steve Stevens, film composer Tyler Bates, Mercan Dede, the world renowned Japanese group Kodo, Zakir Hussain, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, and Mickey Hart with whom she also toured for two years as a lead singer in his group Bembe Orisha. Her latest band project Niyaz with Loga Ramin Torkian of Axiom of Choice, and two time Grammy nominee producer/ re-mixer Carmen Rizzo, released on Six Degrees Records, blended ancient Persian and Urdu Sufi poetry, rich acoustic instrumentation, and modern electronics. It has been hailed by critics worldwide as one of the most groundbreaking of its time. Elysium For The Brave, Azam's second solo album, signals a new turn in her musical evolution. The album, her most ambitious work to date, brings together musicians from varied musical backgrounds performing in diverse permutations. The result is a highly coherent body of work that seamlessly weaves together all of Azam's cultural and musical influences into a haunting tapestry of atmospheric rock, electronic, and global sounds. Singing predominantly in English for the first time, the songs are based on lyrics written by Azam herself and reveal a poetic lyricism heard only in glimpses in her previous works.

For this, her second solo album, Azam Ali, lead vocalist of Vas and Niyaz, takes her patented polycultural blend of ancient and contemporary influences even farther beyond the stratosphere. That she is now a veteran of numerous film scores, including Children of Dune, Earthsea, and Matrix Revolutions, perhaps explains her present more cinematic direction. Born in Iran, reared in India and the US, and gifted with a voice of improbable tonal breadth, flexibility, and beauty, she is backed by collaborators like Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Chris Venna (Nine Inch Nails), Turkish DJ/composer Mercan Dede, the Japanese ensemble Kodo, and Grateful Dead drummer/world percussion enthusiast Mickey Hart. One of the more interesting conundrums inherent in Ali's work is that no matter how much electronic technology she employs, her immersion in her heritage unfailingly comes across loud and clear. Whether she is singing in English, which predominates on these sessions, Farsi, or another language, a prayerful sensuality informs every note. It's as though a sexy Tanagra temple figurine or silk-clad court lady from an antique parchment were to suddenly turn her lovely head and step daintily into the modern world, unfurling precisely the kind of voice one expected but never could have imagined.

1. Endless Reverie
2. Spring Arrives
3. In Other Worlds
4. Abode
5. Forty One Ways
6. The Tryst
7. From Heaven To Dust
8. I Am A Stranger In This World
9. In This Divide

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